Students eat pastries with President Perry


Kristen Lewis

President Perry stares at pastries made by the Java Beanery and Bakery for the Pastries with the Prez event Tuesday.

Kendra Cwikla, Staff Reporter

Students gathered at the Java Beanery and Bakery to meet President Bill Perry and try free pastry and beverage samples during “Pastries with the Prez” on Tuesday.

Paul Durante, a junior English major, won a game of checkers against President Perry.

Perry said he spoke to Durante about where he is from, what he wants to study, and the power of words in the English field.

This is the first of four “Prowlin’ with the Prez” events hosted by Student Senate during Perry’s last semester at Eastern. Each event will have a theme continuing the idea from last semester.

“It’s been especially enjoyable this year because of the variety (of the event),” Perry said. “Since I know it is my last year, I’m really savoring everything.”

Students are able to meet President Perry and voice any concerns they may have or simply chat with him.

“When people bring these issues or problems to me, I always go back and talk to the vice presidents to see if there’s any opportunities,” Perry said.

Perry said students sometimes come up to him with concerns on campus.

“They’ll say they would like to come by and I pull out my calendar and set up a time,” he said.

Java supplied the free samples. There were a variety of pastries, including chocolate croissants and danishes, peanut butter cookies, scones and other kinds of cookies.

Drinks included samples of Snickers mocha, cinnamon roll latte, blackberry caramel latte and caramel macchiato, among others.

People passing by stopped to try samples and chat.

Perry said he enjoys these events and Student Senate executives put a lot of energy and thought into planning them.

“I think one of the great things about these kind of events, (is that) students will meet (other students) that they haven’t met here at Eastern, so there’s that mixing that goes on here too,” Perry said.

Denise Ortiz, a sophomore math and computer science major, said she decided she should come because it was at Java.

“(The people hosting the event) said you could try new things, and I figured I (might) as well take advantage and meet the president at least once before he leaves,” she said.

Mike Rosenbaum, a senior social science teaching major, said he tried many of the samples.

“It’s cool that they were just walking around handing (the drinks and pastries) out,” he said. “I hadn’t even heard of half of them.”

Brianna Johnson, a sophomore family and consumer sciences major, said she likes the events because they get students involved and show how much Student Senate members care.

Johnson said this is demonstrated through the free events they host, such as “Pastries with the Prez,” so they can meet President Perry, and see what he has to say.

Perry said he talked to students about their majors, their future plans and classes. He also said he talked to an international student who transferred to Eastern this semester about his transition to Charleston, as well as scholarship opportunities for international students.

Emily Christian, special education major, said she helps plan the events.

“I absolutely love talking to President Perry, it’s what brings me out every time,” Christian said. “Meeting all the students and seeing how everyone interacts with President Perry and having his face on campus (is what brings me to the events).”

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