Faculty Senate to discuss learning goals, athletics

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

Faculty Senate will receive updates on how instructors will be implementing the use of the learning goals within their classes from two members of the Council on Academic Affairs on Tuesday.

Each university has their own learning goals. At Eastern, the learning goals include critical thinking, writing and critical learning, speaking and listening, quantitative reasoning and responsible citizenship.

Richard Jones, an English professor, will be presenting what CAA has come up with in regards to the learning goals.

“This has been an idea since November 2011,” Jones said. “First we had to research other institutions for what they have.”

Jones also said CAA began working towards changing the requirements for the learning goals last semester.

The purpose of the change is to facilitate the process in which CAA members determine how five of the learning goals will be implemented into Eastern’s general education courses.

Jones said that the presentation for the Faculty Senate will focus on what CAA has come up with so far with how the learning goals will be implemented into courses. The council has not yet made a final decision on how it will precede.

Faculty Senate members will also review a list of the Intercollegiate Athletics Board responsibilities.

During the last Faculty Senate meeting, the issue of overspending by the Athletic board was brought up. Grant Sterling, the Faculty Senate chair, said senate members would be going over the responsibilities if the athletic board oversees their budget.

The board’s responsibilities state the director of athletics will prepare the budget that includes all amounts of expected income, as well as be responsible for presenting the budget to IAB.

Other responsibilities include reviewing and approving all achievement awards and their costs.

The Faculty Senate meeting will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Room 4440 in the Booth Library Conference.


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