Dancers to rebuild Rhythm & X-tacy


MacKenzie Freund

De’ja Dade, a freshman theatre arts major, teaches a new dance to the Rhythm and X-tacy dance team on Monday in the racquetball courts of Lantz Arena in preparation for their performance on Sunday.

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Members of Rhythm & X-tacy hope to rebuild their rhythmic organization into the “collaborative family” that they know it to be.

Rhythm & X-tacy is widely known on campus for its hip-hop laced dance moves, but they also perform in other ways like acting, when doing events that require a skit.

Williams said she hopes to restore the organization to its roots and prominence on campus. Last semester they performed in Yell Like Hell, the African Student Association Talent show and the Black Student Union Fashion show.

The organization also funds their own events and projects as well as with fundraisers and membership dues, which are $50.

Keaira Williams, the president of Rhythm & X-tacy, said as a middle child, her sisters were always doing something, and so she also wanted to be involved. She began dancing in eighth grade. Unsure entirely if that was still something she enjoyed, Williams said she tried dancing again in high school, eventually becoming the Pom-pom team captain.

“It gave me something to do when they were always busy,” she said.

When she enrolled at Eastern, there were two dance organizations with one being Rhythm & X-tacy. She tried out and made the team because of her experience in the performing art. Williams soon began to see how family oriented the organization is.

“We all get along and we’re all very different people,” she said.

DeVonte Dixon, the vice president of the organization has been dancing for three years. He said he first noticed the organization when he transferred from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. Dixon said when he saw the organization perform, something clicked in him realizing that Eastern was a good fit.

“I’m going to go to Eastern and I’m going to go to R and X,” Dixon said he remembers saying.

Now that the organization is under new leadership, they have plans to get new members, and have Eastern students get excited when hearing about their upcoming performances. One of their goals for the semester is also to have fun and build relationships, as was intended with the organization from the beginning.

Williams said the organization has a few events planned for Feb. 1, such as a performance during the National Association of Colored Women’s clubs’ Unity Brunch. Another performance for the Couture modeling show will be on Feb. 9. Members also plan to perform for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

“R and X never went anywhere, we’re still here and we’re still putting on good shows,” Williams said.


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