Housing and Dining searches for new resident director

Cassie Buchman, City Editor

Housing and Dining Services is seeking a new resident director because the current resident director will be stepping down from the position.

“We are looking for a student affairs professional with a good background,” said Mark Hudson, director of housing and dining services.

The individual chosen for the position will need be the primary advisor to the hall council.

“They need to develop a community that is caring and nurturing for residents, and that has the ability to develop a hall council,” Hudson said. “They should be interested in residents and their success, and (be) an organized person.”

Hudson said most importantly, they need someone who can connect with their residents.

This includes assisting them in creating and meeting their goals, connecting with faculty, embracing integrative learning concepts, and designing social and education opportunities that help meet the needs of students living in the residential community.

Although the search project has just started a few weeks ago, Hudson said he expects many to apply for the position.

“We hope to have about 30-40 applicants to see how that plays out,” he said.

“We encourage (other) universities to recommend people.”

Hudson said the hiring process is extensive and detailed because of all the responsibilities and benefits the position entails.

“It’s a full time position, the person gets set up in an apartment, (gets) health insurance and life insurance, along with the full time responsibility,” he said.

The salary for the new resident director will be anywhere between $32,000 -$33,000 a year.

Other benefits include having a retirement plan and a tuition waiver for up to six credit hours per semester.

The resident director is responsible for advising RHA or NRHH as the primary hall council advisor.

Other duties include overseeing community development, serving on departmental committees, participating in area on-call crisis response rotation, managing housing assignments, and adjudicating student behavior hearings.

The resident director also selects, trains, supervises, and evaluates one associate resident director, seven to eight resident assistants, and six to ten desk assistants for the residence buildings.

Hudson said people around the country are getting their student affairs education, including a master’s degree in College Student Affairs, Higher Education Administration, or College Student Development, which are some of the degrees that are accepted to qualify for the position.

“We are hoping for talented individuals to apply from across the country,” he said.

Hudson said the hiring process is very thorough.

“Historically, we’ve had a pool of about 30-40 people to start out with. (They) initially submit their resumes, cover letters, and references that are reviewed by committees,” he said.

After the paperwork is evaluated, the top group is picked and invited for interviews.

Students will be invited to participate in the interviews, and then a decision will be made on who is the “best bet” for the resident director position.

The resident director position has opportunities for advancing into other student affairs positions.

Hudson said resident directors typically keep their position for three to five years before they move on to other jobs with new responsibilities, but there is no set term limit.

Those interested in the position, which will start on July 1, must send a letter of interest, current resume, and contact information of at least three professional references.

Application can be found in Eastern’s website and must be turned in by January 23.

Cassie Buchman can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].