Students to be ‘Wild ‘n Out’

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Idiotic Jive Chapter 2, a newly formed dance team, will perform an event similar to MTV’s Wild n’ Out at 7 p.m. Wednesday at 7th Street Underground.

Jackie Osinaike, the president of Idiotic Jive Chapter 2, said the dance team has just recently formed with the hopes of doing dance performances as well as community service events.

Osinaike said the organization also hopes to help incoming freshman by getting them more involved with campus.

“We just like to be really active since we are new on campus,” she said.

Osinaike said they were once a part of the Rhythm and Xtacy organization, but because some members wanted to try more diverse move sets they branched out and formed this organization.

The Wild n’ Out event will have two people from different organizations competing against each other through six different categories. The categories would include remix, talkin’ spit, so fly and many more, Osinaike said.

The event will also have an intermission with free Idiotic Jive T-shirts being handed out with a raffle. The winner of the Wild ‘n Out event will get a championship belt with bragging rights, which will last for an entire year until the next event, Osinaike said.

Osinaike also said even though their organization is new, they’ve also done events in the past with other clubs. She said they’ve done a talent show with the African Student Association, and an intermission for Couture modeling for one of their shows.

In the past, they have worked with the fraternity Phi Rho Eta, and strolled like the men from Kappa Alpha Psi. In January, they will do a similar event strolling like an Alpha Phi Alpha member, Osinaike said.

Osinaike also said the goal is to raise money for their organization as well as the community; she added that the organization is a way for students who enjoy dancing to have that outlet through their club.

“We call ourselves more of a family. We’re a dance team,” she said.

The event costs $3 for students, but those who bring a canned food will have a discount, which is $1 for those who do bring a canned food item and $5 for VIP seats.

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