Association of International Students host first 5K

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

In order to help raise money for the Association of International Students, one student helped create the first Run-Walk for the World 5K Relay from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15 at the Panther Trail.

Kara Atkins, the 5K coordinator, said having a lot of international students as friends opened her mind up to a new culture and world, which gave her the idea to start a 5K relay to help raise money for them.

Their goal is to raise $1,000 to help fund upcoming events put on by the association or the International Student Office.

Atkins said the 5K is open to everyone and there will be trivia games and a lot of international students participating in the run. She added anyone can volunteer for the 5K as well, but runners are highly encouraged.

Atkins said when thinking of ideas to raise money for international students, she believed a party was not considerate enough and with there being successful relays in the past she said this was a proper way of showing her appreciation.

“Doing this is a way to show I support them. Most of them I can really call my friends—they’re a blast to hang out with,” Atkins said.

Atkins said the relay could also help bring awareness to the international students on campus, which could help them feel welcome on campus.

“(It) gives them an opportunity to do more activities with other international students,” Atkins said.

Atkins said she has heard some side-comments and skepticism from American students about international students because of a lack of understanding. She said if she were a foreign student and did not know much about who she was around she would feel unwelcomed.

“People are hesitant to get to know them. It’s like the new kid at school. ‘Who is that?’” she said.

Donations for the relay will be from Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, the Ike’s and Uptowner bars.

If the relay goes well, it has the possibility to become an annual event.

Those who wish to participate in the 5K can run with a team of five or solo. Entrance is $10 per person.

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