Students react to Family Weekend entertainment

Samantha Middendorf, Entertainment Editor

Comedian and actor Sinbad will perform at 8 p.m. Sept. 20 in Lantz Arena for Eastern’s 2014 Family Weekend.

With Sinbad’s performance quickly approaching, students have made great effort in voicing their opinions of the University Board’s choice of entertainment.

Selena Wilson, a sophomore business management major, said she was not aware Sinbad was coming to campus to perform.

“I was going to go to the show regardless,” she said.

Jennifer Rhine, a junior English major, said she thought the UB was bold in its efforts of choosing an entertainment act for Family Weekend.

“I know that for Family Weekend they want to have someone that appeals to both generations, but I’m not entirely sure Sinbad was a good choice for that,” Rhine said.

However, Rhine was aware of a few of Sinbad’s prior performances.

“I knew that he was in ‘Jingle All The Way,’” she said.  “I’ve never seen it, but I know he’s in it.”

Despite the uncertainty of some students, many plan on attending the performance just to spend time with their visiting families.

Matthew Wilkie, a sophomore Spanish major, said he thinks people will attend the performance whether they know Sinbad or not.

“I think people will go for their own reason,” he said.  “I know my parents come to see me, and if there’s an extra event going on we’ll probably all go together.”

Bailey Loushina, a freshman undecided major, said she feels the UB should choose an entertainer that would appeal to both generations.

“I would choose somebody that the parents and the students both like, probably,” she said.  “But not something ridiculously crazy, but something we like that is also toned down.”

Wilkie also said he has doubts that Sinbad is a popular choice.

“I’m not sure if parents will be familiar with him; I guess it depends on how old the parents are, but I don’t think my parents will be familiar with him,” Wilkie said.

However, Wilkie said if the goal is entertainment, the UB made a good decision.

“I think a comedian’s a great choice for entertainment in general and if Sinbad is funny, I’m sure he’ll be a big hit,” he said.

Wilkie also added that he does not believe students’ unfamiliarity with Sinbad will pose a problem.

“I don’t think it’s an issue,” he said.  “Ultimately, the goal is entertainment, so if people are willing to go and they enjoy themselves, I think there’s nothing to worry about.”

Tickets for Sinbad’s performance are $21 and can be purchased at the University Union Ticket Office.


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