Booth faculty member received repositary award

Luis Martinez, Staff Reporter

A Booth Library faculty member won the third annual Institutional Repository All-Star award 2014.

Todd Bruns, the Booth Library repository librarian, won this award for his work on The Keep.

The Keep is an online archive that contains tons of local, national, and even international news, articles and other important academic items.

The Keep acts like an electronic scrapbook, containing more than 30 thousand items, with more added daily.

He is in charge of making sure that The Keep stays up and running and that students, not only here at Eastern, but from all over the world, have access to all the information that is in the ever-growing online database.

To receive the award, someone must have used presentations, articles, or videos that help detail the guideline to help others learn.

Out of more than 170 repository managers, only four are selected for their hard work and dedication to their field of work.

Bruns said he believes the award is fairly prestigious as there are a total of four awards in this field of work.

Bruns said the award came as a shock to him.

“I was surprised at first, I didn’t even know I was nominated for the award until I had found out I won it,” he said.

Todd Burns grew up in Iowa and has been working at Eastern since Nov. 2010.

Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree for the University of Iowa back in 1989, Bruns has also received two master’s degrees, in library science and technology, before coming to Eastern.

While it was a shock, Bruns said he was very humbled by the award.

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