Unofficial student government elections results to be released

The unofficial student government election results will be announced at the Student Senate meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Arcola-Tuscola Room in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

The online polls are closed. The ballots have been cast and soon the leaders for next school year’s student government decided. Students had the ability to vote on the senate members, and the executive board positions, which included the student body president, the executive vice president, the student vice president for student affairs and student vice president for academic affairs.

Student also had the ability to vote on whether they agreed or disagreed wit the constitutional revision

Student Senate Speaker Brandon Goodman and Lauren Price, the vice chairwoman for the Student Action Team, ran for the executive vice president position, the only contested position in the election.

Reggie Thedford, the chairman for the student affairs committee, ran for student body president. Shirmeen Ahmad ran for the student vice president for academic affairs position. Yazmin Rodriguez ran for the student vice president for student affairs position.

Even though these positions were unopposed, students still had the ability to vote “no confidence.” If the students voted “no confidence,” a referendum would then be made for another emergency election.

The results to be announced are not set in stone though. Students are given one week to file any grievances they may have for any of the candidates in the Student Activities Center located in the Union or online.

A bylaw change will also be tabled at the meeting that would require the academic affairs committee to have a forum allowing faculty to be educated on things related to technology that might improve ones teaching skills such as improving presentation making skills.

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