RHA cancels Kids and Friends Weekend; set to vote on budget

The Residence Hall Association will be announcing they have canceled Kids and Friends Weekend at their first meeting of the semester.

They will be meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday in Weller Hall.

Kids and Friends Weekend was an annual series of events hosted and run by RHA focused around residents in University Housing and the resident’s friends or children.

It was originally going to take place from Jan. 24 until Jan. 26

RHA vice president Patrick Morrow said they had not done much as of now to plan it, and it would have been difficult to schedule the entire series of events with the time allotted.

He added two weeks are not enough time to plan a whole weekend full of events.

Morrow said RHA will likely still do some sort of event later in the semester to make up for the cancelation but it is left up in the air this early on.

RHA will also be voting the budget proposed early in December. While the budget was to be voted in the fall semester, RHA did not reach quorum in their last meeting to vote on it. They needed at least 21 members present to vote.

“If we don’t go over the budget, then we are technically not considered as a student organization,” Morrow said.

Lack of quorum also prevented them from voting and approving their constitution. Morrow said they would not be voting on constitution for a couple of weeks because they have to focus on other matters.

“That will be saved for a different meeting just because the budget is the number one thing with conferences coming up and things of that nature,” Morrow said.

Housing and Dining Services members will be presenting a proposal to change late night to-go policy in Thomas Hall, but they are still in the process of drafting it and figuring out the finer details. The policy would not allow students to take a to-go order during late night hours.

Mark Hudson, the director of Housing and Dining Services, said it is not imminent by any means.

“At the point when it is worked on and developed, then it will be brought to RHA for conversation,” Hudson said. “This could take weeks to do that.”

If RHA members do approve the proposal, the changes will be enacted during the fall semester.

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