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A Night of Reason: Society presents guest speaker

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The Society for Free Thought presented a movie, speaker and a discussion that addressed the topic of religion, or lack thereof. 

Sarah Bigler, the president for the Society for Free Thought, said during the presentation that 32 percent of all Americans identify themselves as atheists, but are among the most distrusted and hated groups. 

The movie, “The Root of all Evil,” was presented, as well as guest speaker Aron Ra, an atheist activist. 

Aron Ra said as a child, faith did not make sense to him. 

“Throughout my youth, I was taught faith was a virtue,” Aron Ra said. 

Atheists today are judged as evil, Aron Ra said. 

“Most of us tend to do good and when we do, it is for goodness sake,” AronRa said. 

Aron Ra said the majority of child molesters and abusers identify themselves as Christians and Christians are also more likely to condone torture. 

Christians have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and abortions, as well as a higher rate of violence in nations that are religious, Aron Ra said.  

Aron Ra said nations that have a less religious population tend to be more peaceful. 

“If you love sin, claim Jesus as your savior,” Aron Ra said. “Gullibility is the only criteria for redemption.”

Aron Ra also discussed his belief in a lack of an afterlife versus the Christian belief in an afterlife. 

Aron Ra said the unimaginable rewards mentioned in the bible are an empty promise because if they exist, they will not be seen during this lifetime.  

He also said the threat of eternal damnation is an empty one. 

“The Bible has been proven wrong on damn near everything,” Aron Ra said. “The Bible is full of horror and evil.”

Aron Ra said the biggest factor in a former Christian reverting to Atheism is reading The Bible.  

He said he encourages his Atheists to also read The Bible so they will be informed. 

“Faith doesn’t make any sense,” Aron Ra said.  “They want to believe in magic.”

Max Van Byssum, a senior biology major, said he attended the Night of Reason because he is interested in evolution. 

“I thought it was really cool not to have another Ph.D professor,” Van Byssum said.  

Van Byssum said he appreciated the fact that Aron Ra spoke his mind and was eccentric. 

Mike Berne, a graduate student studying political science and a member for the Society for Free Thought, said he felt the presentation was informative and interesting.  

“He has gotten a lot of great questions and good dialogue,” Berne said.  “That is why this group is necessary.  We are mainly here to bring out an air of tolerance.”

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A Night of Reason: Society presents guest speaker