Letter: Thank you for exposing Chopra as a quack

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the article. I thought I was the only one who thought Deepak Chopra was a quack. Your article shows me a side of Chopra that I was unaware of: his mastery over quantum mechanics. I’m not a scientist (I’m a web developer) – but I do enjoy reading about the implications of quantum mechanics. You’re exactly right about the “observer effect” according to every account I’ve read.

Here’s the problem for Chopra as I see it. If his version of the “observer effect” is correct then it would be easily testable. I could make myself win the lottery just by imagining it, etc. etc. etc. Ad nauseam.

Sad that so many follow this guy – my wife included. I always tell her (especially on the net) that you’ll find what your looking for no matter what it is. There’s someone out there selling a cure for literally everything. Chopra knows something – that is he knows the vast majority will believe whatever he’s selling. The majority believes he sells books to help people – he sells books to inflate his ego and his bank account.

Again thank you for exposing Chopra as a quack. I wish he was right – I’d imagine my lovely mother-in-law not having terminal cancer.

I wonder how much ire your article will generate among Chopra’s rabid followers. Best scenario: it will make some of them “think.”


Tore Kamsvaag

Santa Monica, Calif.