Executives get pied at short final meeting

The Residence Hall Association hosted its final meeting Thursday and adjourned after 10 minutes. The RHA quickly went through how the banquet banners were due that day and each of them must have an M&M theme.

In its hall report, Carman Hall representatives said they are raising money for “Alex’s Lemonade Stand,” which benefits research for childhood cancer.

Elizabeth Burbatt, a freshman communication disorders and sciences major, said Carman Hall set a goal to raise $1,000.

“We sold paper lemons and root beer floats,” Burbatt said. “We did this last year and everyone felt passionate about it.”

The RHA approved $43.50 at the meeting to be used toward donations of Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Carman Hall Council will cover the supplies, Burbatt said.

Nick Fulco, a freshman elementary education major, said “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” is going to give the money to a nationwide organization.

“The little girl that started it was named Alex,” Fulco said. “It’s a Carman Hall tradition.”

For an end of the year celebration, Carman Hall is having an end-of-the-year barbecue Monday evening. There will be a “Minute to Win it” game contest where students will have a minute to put together different games.

After the meeting, the RHA adjourned to outside of Stevenson Hall where members of RHA pied the executive board committee.

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