Professors discuss future of business

Eastern faculty members will share their research on how decisions made during the life of a business affect its survival or failure today in Lumpkin Hall, Room 1120, from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

The combined efforts and research of professors Richard Flight, Marko Grunhagen, David Boggs, and visiting professor Laura Lucia Palacios, of the department of Business Management from University of Zaragoza in Spain, will culminate in a presentation “The Organizational Ecology of Franchises in the Automotive Services Sector.”

“We are trying to understand how franchise organization grow and develop and merge over time,” Boggs said.

Given the economic climate that businesses are currently facing, this research holds particular importance for businesses and classroom.

The effect of the recession on business has been evident, and there are hopes that this study can aid in economic survival.

“We’re looking at a business like a being that has to survive in that environment,” Grunhagen said.

The study will be submitted to the Academy of Management, an annual conference, where it will be reviewed with the intention of eventually being published.

“Assuming it is submitted and accepted we would present this information at a conference, longer term we wish to have the work public, which would make it available for scholars and students throughout the rest of time,” Boggs said.

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