Aging becoming global phenomena

Adverse effects of aging are soon going to become a global phenomena with new medical breakthroughs to increase life expectancy push the threshold of science everyday.

Eastern will host a presentation regarding new research in aging to discuss and study the conceptualization of Elder Self-Neglect and break down the symptoms and notable warning signs

Jacquelyn Frank, coordinator for the Gerontology Masters program, and Isaac Sandidge, research assistant with family and consumer sciences, organized the presentation.

Sandidge said this ESN research will become more important over the next 10 years.

“Current research is critical for the future of the aging population,” he said. “It is crucial that more people enter the field of aging studies.”

As people age, their brain is subject to the same adverse affects causing self-neglect, which occurs when someone can no longer sustain themselves by obtaining basic needs independently, the Journal of Public Health reported.

When left in an environment with inadequate support for their needs, elderly patients had difficulty functioning, according to a study conducted at Baylor College of Medicine Geriatrics in Houston. The model that was created from this study is basis for more research to be done in this field.

This phenomena is not limited to the U.S. either, Sandidge said. Aging is a global phenomena as birth rates across the globe are decreasing and life expectancy is increasing.

“We are on the frontier of a new and exciting global shift,” he said. “This will also invariably alter the job market in the future as well.”

With the growing population shift and research field expanding, so does the demand for jobs in the future, Sandidge said.

“The aging population will have specific demands that need to be met, and professionals in Gerontology and other related aging fields are going to be in high market to meet the needs of our elderly,” he said.

The presentation will be held today from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in Room 2165 Blair Hall.

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