Editorial: Look for space in Eastern before building new center

Every minority group deserves a resource center.

Regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, all students should be equally represented and should be given a place to congregate where students may share experiences and establish bonds between one another.

EIU Pride – Eastern’s group for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender issues – knows this and is pushing for a resource center for its members.

According to Pride member Mark Olendzki, the group has considered either renting out an available room at a given location on campus, or the group would push for an externally funded building that would host a proposed resource center for the group.

Intended as a means for LGBT students to adjust, the resource center would provide counseling for students who may find it hard to make a transition into a college atmosphere.

While a resource center is a great idea, Pride should consider renting space above constructing a new building at Eastern’s expense, chiefly because of economic reasons currently affecting the university.

Today’s economic climate does not serve as a proper atmosphere in which to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new facility.

Additionally, Eastern has previously committed to a $40 million Renewable Energy Center, something the university has been in dire need of for years.

However, using whatever space is available would be a more convenient and cost-efficient method on both students and Eastern.

Regardless, one wonders if a brand new facility is really necessary.

Students should support the need for a resource center, as it provides a positive atmosphere for a group of students to relate with one another and receive counseling from each other and faculty advisers, if they so desire.

Providing a positive atmosphere for LGBT students is a necessity, something they deserve not just as Eastern students, but as people.

But instead of committing to a project that would set the university back thousands of dollars, renting space should be made a priority method of providing an essential safe zone for LGBT students.

The editorial is the majority opinion of The DEN editorial board. Reach the opinions editor at: [email protected].