Editorial: Once again, time for students to register for fall

It is that the time of year again.

No, spring break is done.

It’s time to set up appointments with advisers to register for next semester’s classes.

If you don’t have an idea what classes you want to take or should take for next semester, then you have some work to do.

Students ought to know what they need to do to graduate in four years.

It is not that complicated, and it is not up to advisers to show you how to register for classes.

We’re all adults.

And if you were smart, you planned out all four years of college and every class you are going to take.

While not everyone is this diligent, they should take the time to check the catalog, check with the department and with their advisers beforehand to make sure they are graduating on time.

Also, showing up to the advisement appointment on time is also helpful for the adviser.

The process of signing up for classes is a painless process so make this process less stressful on you.

By now, it’s fairly simple with PAWS.

The old process with the printed schedules made the process complicated.

Graduate students and those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree register today.

Seniors and those with priority registration can register starting March 30, juniors can register starting April 6, sophomores can register starting April 13, and freshmen can register starting April 20.

Take charge of your own academic career and plan your classes. The process by which you attain a college degree is complex and has many loopholes and contradictions.

Sometimes, yes, even the advisers make mistakes or overlook something.

What’s important to remember is that many of these advisers are consulting dozens of students.

Keeping all the names and faces straight can become difficult, and small slipups could cause summer school or extra semesters at Eastern.

Be smart by doing your homework before registration.

The editorial is the majority opinion of The DEN editorial board. Reach the opinions editor at [email protected].