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STAFF EDITORIAL: Do not expose people to illness

Staff Editorial March 12, 2020

With the coronavirus getting closer to us, it is important that we take the necessary precautions to make sure we do not catch it and that we avoid getting others sick as well. As of now, the university...

Officials should respect the press

Staff Editorial March 5, 2020

The press is an arm of democracy, and in order for it to do its job and inform the public, elected officials need to speak to and have respect for journalists. This is also true for those working in student...

Staff Editorial: We need perspective when dealing with problems

September 16, 2014

Comparisons between schools happen in every facet of life — athletics, accommodations, classes and even enrollment. But with enrollment, when looking at the figures, what people need to realize is that...

Staff Editorial: Visibility, publicity key to fighting enrollment woes

September 15, 2014

Eastern’s student body continues to hemorrhage as enrollment plummets year after year — with the latest census boasting a nearly 900 student drop off from last fall semester.  What these numbers should...

Staff Editorial: Time is running out to get active in politics

September 11, 2014

Of all the problems with the Illinois political system, all the corrupt officials and budgetary woes, few are as concerning as apathy among the state’s youngest voters. In a census by the federal government...

Staff Editorial: ‘Civility’ doesn’t excuse censorship

September 9, 2014

“Civility” has become the new mask in which censorship hides — at least in higher education.  In the course of the past few days, “civility” worked its way to denying a professor a job nearly...

Staff editorial: Social justice, change falls on everyone

September 2, 2014

Last week, the Daily Eastern News reported on a march by students held in protest of the events still unfolding in Ferguson, MO, where police office Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black...

Staff Editorial: Presidential search opportunity to hear student voice

September 1, 2014

With President Bill Perry stepping down from his position in June 2015, the search process is on, and that means students who will most feel the effect of the new president should have their input heard.  In...

Staff Editorial: A covered bicep beats an oozing elbow

August 27, 2014

Officials from the Student Recreational Center announced via a Facebook post Tuesday that a stricter health policy would be enforced to reduce the spread of diseases and infections. The announcement sparked...

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