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It’s OK to spill soup; just move forward

Karena Ozier, Columnist

October 24, 2018

The weather lately has been preparing us for a potentially colder winter than usual. When the weather gets colder, I eat more hot food and drink more hot drinks. Earlier last week around lunch time, I decided to grab some food from one of the dining halls and bring it back to the warm comfort of my...

Setbacks are not the end of the world

Andrew Paisley, Campus Reporter

April 2, 2018

Two weeks ago, I had to drop a class I was taking this semester. Was I disappointed? That is an understatement. I was incredibly upset about this. Here I was, finally on track with school, and now this has set me back (hopefully not enough to prolong graduation next year). For about a week, I was...

Furlin defies odds, sets a new standard for setbacks

Redshirt Freshman Gina Fuller serves the ball during a match against Bulter on Tuesday. Eastern lost the match 3-2.

Maria Baldwin, Features Reporter

August 31, 2016

To many athletes, having a setback can allow them to grow and become a stronger and versatile athlete. For Gina Furlin, a redshirt freshman on the volleyball team, her setback caused her to completely reinvent the way she played on the volleyball court, and was almost fatal. Furlin redshirted her...

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