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Minimum wage hike will not affect Eastern employees’ statuses, says President Glassman

Logan Raschke, Managing Editor

December 9, 2019

Eastern employees, students or not, will not be laid off after the minimum wage hike starting Jan. 1, which mandates all employers in the state of Illinois to pay employees $9.25 an hour instead of $8.25. Eastern President David Glassman said there are about 1,400 student employees at Eastern with ...

Shimkus discusses minimum wage, EIU

Analicia Haynes, Editor-in-Chief

March 24, 2019

The EIU College Republicans invited U.S. Representative John Shimkus to campus Friday to speak to students and members of the Charleston community. Shimkus said he does not hold town halls, rather he meets with individuals one-on-one, but Michael Fields, the president of the College Republicans, said...

Minimum wage topic creates conversation

March 1, 2019

We at The Daily Eastern News are divided on this issue of the gradual increase of minimum wage. There are studies out there and opinions from politicians, but there seems to be no concise explanation on what happens with minimum wage increase. Naturally, we recommend that you do your own research ...

Students share their thoughts on increasing minimum wage

Shamaine Ware, Contributing Writer

February 18, 2019

Students on campus shared mixed opinions about a bill passed by the House on Feb. 14 to increase Illinois’ minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. Marcus Burns, a junior majoring in applied engineering technology, said making $15 a hour is good for workers, but it has its downfall. “It would suck f...

CUPB, McCann talk potential minimum wage hike

Analicia Haynes, Editor-in-Chief

February 10, 2019

It would cost Eastern just under an additional $2 million a year to cover the costs of a potential $15 increase in minimum wage by 2025. Paul McCann, the interim vice president of business affairs, made this announcement Friday during a Council on University Planning and Budget and talked about the...

Minimum wage workers do not need extra work

Shelby Niehaus, Columnist

June 22, 2017

When I was a child, I used to go with a close friend of mine on trips to Walmart. In my hometown, shopping trips were one of the few child-accessible forms of entertainment that did not involve aimlessly wandering town or making sleds out of old mattresses and staircases, so friend-based Walmart trips...

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