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Classrooms should be a safe space

Staff Editorial

January 30, 2018

Just as students are told “there are no stupid questions,” it is also important for students to be told that there are no stupid feelings. In an article from Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Eastern News, graduate students will be a hosting a workshop called “What I Wish My Professor Knew” du...

Power through the cycle, prioritize education and experience

Staff Editorial

October 25, 2017

Classes are important. They often open people’s eyes to different ways of thinking as well as help them develop skills that are needed to succeed in whatever field they choose. Education is life-changing, but not all lessons can be taught in classes. While classes provide the foundational concepts,...

We need leaders and we need answers

Staff Editorial

October 23, 2017

It is not yet election season, but there has already been some talk about possible candidates in upcoming races. Shirley Bell, a retired communication studies professor, announced her intention to seek the nomination for state representative of the 110th district at a Trivia Night, according to The...

Governor candidate discusses taxes, education

Olivia Swenson-Hultz | The Daily Eastern News
Daniel Biss, a member of the Illinois Senate from the 9th district, speaks at Eastern about his campaign for governor.

Olivia Swenson-Hultz, Staff Reporter

April 26, 2017

State Sen. Daniel Biss, (D-Evanston) discussed his campaign for governor at a meeting with the EIU Democrats Tuesday. Biss’s campaign is mainly based around reforming the “unfair tax system” and reforming Illinois’s flat income tax system, which has been done away with by the majority of...

Coles County School Facility Tax wins popular vote

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor-in-Chief

November 9, 2016

  The Coles County School Facility Tax referen­dum, which was presented on the ballot three times before, won the popular vote by 54.09% in the general election Tuesday night. The unofficial count of votes according to the Coles County Clerk’s Office was 11,564 yes votes compared to the...

FAFSA filing starts Saturday

Adrian Bolaji, Contributing Writer

September 27, 2016

Financial Aid is a necessity for many students, but getting it can be a tricky process for some. This year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid comes with some changes, as students can now apply for it earlier. The new day students can start to apply has switched from its original Jan....

Column: Tragedies should be addressed in schools

Alex Bonnot, Staff Reporter

September 13, 2016

The education system needs to be encouraging conversation about tragedies occurring not only in local communities but also worldwide. These conversations not only make students feel as though they have support from their teachers, but also encourage academic discussion about topics pertaining to the...

Editorial: Help children understand tragedies

Staff Editorial

September 12, 2016

Fifteen years ago yesterday, the shape of American life, politics, travel, culture and security changed irreversibly. We need not remind the reader what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. Instead, we would like to remind the reader what they should take away from a national tragedy and of how we should move...

Column: Study abroad if possible

Nicole Kink, Staff Reporter

September 12, 2016

Studying abroad was never something I imagined myself doing while I was in college. I remember being in a class and listening to different testimonies describing how it was the “best experience of their lives” and how they “wished they could go back.” Meanwhile, I sat in class rolling my eyes...

Letter to the Editor: Commit to paper, thought

Leonidas Miller

September 9, 2016

Dear Editor: Alex Bonnott did well to point out that "going paperless has its downsides, too." Being totally paperless makes possible that I do "not even have to leave my bed," because I have "no need to go to class at all." What kind of education is happening when the students and their teacher fail...

Hunger banquet on year-long hiatus

Emma James, a junior psychology major, and Stacy McQueen, parent of Lauren McQueen, serve apples, oranges, and bananas at the

T'Nerra Butler, Multicultural Editor

November 16, 2015

For years, the Hunger Banquet has tried to serve as an awareness event on the topic of starvation, and this year those who usually participate in it tell why they did not plan for the affair. The Haiti Connection usually has the banquet the third week of November, but instead they cancelled it and...

AAA to educate about African-American history

 Isis Sims, a junior kinesiology and sports studies major, responds to watching the short film by Reggie Bullock, a motivation speaker, entitled ‘A War For Your Soul- Birmingham Version’. “It’s depressing to see how accurate this is,” Sims said, “we really are killing each other.”

T'Nerra Butler, Multicultural Editor

November 11, 2015

A new Registered Student Organization geared toward furthering the knowledge of African-American history has been established on campus. African-American Achievers was founded this fall by its president, Corinthian Bethel. He has been mapping out the organization for the last couple of years and...

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