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Editorial: White House does not care about outbreak

October 6, 2020

Even more evidence that President Trump and his administration seemingly do not care about COVID-19 or take it seriously presented itself Tuesday. The White House will apparently not be contact tracing...

Column: October is the best month of the year

October 5, 2020

Let’s make the most out of October I still wonder to this day what happened to us. I wonder if Planet Earth took us into some space hole leading us to a different universe. I wonder if some mythological...

Column: Over 10 years later, ‘Scott Pilgrim’ still great movie

October 5, 2020

Fun fact about me: I am a very indecisive person. Ask me what my favorite food, favorite song, or favorite color is, and I will stand there like you just asked me to tell you the first thousand decimal...

Editorial: Lack of student votes part of problem with Student Gov. election

October 5, 2020

Student apathy is something Eastern knows all too well, and it needs to come to an end. In the Fall 2020 Student Government Election 6.8% of eligible voters voted. Only 6.8% of the entire student body...

Column: Presidential debates need to get back on right track

October 4, 2020

The first presidential debate was a disaster. The interactions between Trump and Biden seemed more like a childish cat fight than a presidential debate. The debate was high on insults and low on serious...

Editorial: Trump acting recklessly after COVID diagnosis

October 4, 2020

After it was announced Friday morning that President Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19, some thought that perhaps this would make Trump begin to take the virus seriously. After several days,...

Column: Disney’s recent layoffs are hurting thousands

October 1, 2020

We’ve officially entered the autumn months so now is the time to reflect on the excitement of summer 2020. Or the lack thereof. While a normal summer would be filled with vacations, partying and relaxation,...

Tiegen was brave to be open about her miscarriage

October 1, 2020

Model and entrepreneur Chrissy Tiegen made an emotional post on Instagram Wednesday to announce that her pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage. Tiegen and her husband, musician John Legend, posted on...

Column: Celebrate October with ‘Halloweentown’

September 30, 2020

It is October, which means it’s time for sweaters, cozy blankets, and the best Halloween movies ever. I’m not talking about the scary-horror-thriller movies. I am talking about the “Halloweentown”...

Column: Justice system is failing, must change

September 30, 2020

There are many things wrong with our justice system from mass incarceration, the dehumanizing experience of prison, the lack of rehabilitation for criminals, shoddy police work, etc. There are a lot of...

Editorial: Tuesday’s debate was disgraceful nonsense

September 30, 2020

The first presidential debate for the 2020 election was held Tuesday night as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden took the stage. The debate quickly devolved into madness, and we...

Column: I just want Trump’s presidency to end

September 29, 2020

I am tired. I am tired of seeing our president in the news almost every day. President Trump always has something to say and something to do. I am unsure why the people of the United States are letting...

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