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Letter: Be thankful for friends

Delaney Killian, Sophomore communication disorders and science major

November 30, 2015

To say that I’ve been through the wash this semester would be an understatement. I’ve been through the wash desperately, and multiple times like a favorite shirt that was stained with chocolate, spaghetti sauce and mud all mixed together. Despite all the obstacles I’ve faced this semester, I’m...

Letter: Glassman displays leadership

Bailey K. Young

November 18, 2015

I would like to commend your reporter for the article in yesterday’s DEN, which attempted to convey the complexity of the discussion in Faculty Senate regarding Senator Ludlow’s resolution, which transmitted the results of the confidence/no confidence vote to President Glassman. The article correctly...

Letter: A new era of cooperation

Dr. Jason Waller, Assistant professor of philosophy and women’s studies

November 15, 2015

I love our friendly, quirky little university. The campus is beautiful and well-maintained. The faculty are smart, accomplished, and approachable. The students are talented, spunky, optimistic, and full of life. We are very highly ranked on influential college rankings. Each college and university...

Letter: Listen to the other side

Jonathan M. Williams, Political science graduate student

November 13, 2015

Editor, Yes, I attended the Donald Trump rally Monday night in Springfield. I also happen to be a liberal Democrat. In fact, I'm the Treasurer of the local Democratic Party back home. So what business did I have at a campaign rally for one of the most popular and controversial GOP presidential candidate...

Letter: Peacemakers during the war

Lenonidas H. Miller

November 13, 2015

Dear editor: We are again honoring our military veterans as we should. The efforts and sacrifices they made in this century and the last century place them on an honor roll.We still remember the soldiers of the Civil War. Without their efforts and sacrifices, we need to ask how slavery could have ende...

Letter: Blair Lord has no role in approving list

Jeffrey Stowell, Vice Chair of Faculty Senate

November 9, 2015

Dear Editor, A letter to the editor from Gary Aylesworth and James Conwell (Nov. 5th) contains six reasons for bringing a confidence/no-confidence petition to the Faculty Senate.  However, the last item states, “Provost Lord allowed to go forward a list of eligible voters in the current referendum ...

Letter to the Editor

Gary E. Aylesworth and James C. Conwell

November 4, 2015

In response to some of our colleagues wanting to know the reason for the ongoing faculty vote, here are some of the reasons faculty from across the university have asked for this vote: 1. Enrollment The Provost has presided over the largest enrollment drop in the history of the university.  This...

Letter to the Editor: Response to confidence/no confidence vote

Karen S. Johnson

November 1, 2015

This is written in response to the upcoming vote of the confidence/no confidence referendum regarding Provost Blair Lord. Since the Provost was hired in 2001, his staff has witnessed that he is an individual with great integrity, common sense, foresight, and compassion.  In our considerable experience,...

Letter: Journalism occupies multiple mediums

Joe Gisondi

October 22, 2015

Dear Editors, Last week, readers of The Daily Eastern News heard our campus’s Council on Academic Affairs chair (“CAA to vote PR major,” Oct. 14, 2015) insinuate that journalism – and thus, our Journalism Department here at EIU – is about a print paper product. Marita Gronnvoll, a Commun...

Letter: Looking at Eastern’s past during Vietnam era

Allan Keith

August 24, 2015

Many people are not aware that there was a rather significant level of activity at Eastern Illinois University about 45 years ago during what I call the Vietnam War “protest era.” I graduated from EIU in 1963 and later, as a newspaper reporter, covered many of the events associated with this er...

Letter to the Editor: Campus sexual assault is a silent epidemic

Reginald Thedford

February 23, 2015

Studies estimate that one in five women are sexually assaulted while in college. Only 13 percent of rape survivors report their assault. Campus sexual assault is a silent epidemic that is taking over schools across the country, and it is time we start talking about it. The White House recently launched t...

Contest to bring in holiday festivities for community

By Amy Wywialowski Assistant Daily Editor

November 29, 2012

Friends and families in the community can craft their own gingerbread house during the Christmas in the Heart of Charleston festival Saturday.  Read More »...

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