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Letter to the Editor: Column was insensitive, close-minded

Elizabeth Medina

December 3, 2017

I am writing this letter in response to the column I read titled “Are We Punishing the Poor Enough?” by Colin Roberts. First, let me say as not only a graduate student and a staff member of this university I am beyond disappointed and beyond disgusted we are letting a student write garbage about childr...

Open Letter: Africana studies, philosophy essential to university mission

February 2, 2017

A preview of this letter appeared in our print edition on Feb. 2nd, 2017. Dear President Glassman: We, the undersigned members of the Women’s Studies program at Eastern, protest in the strongest terms possible any proposal to eliminate major programs in Africana studies and philosophy at Easte...


Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, Sace Elder, and Nora Pat Small

November 17, 2016

Two days ago chalking of “DEPORT,” “BUILD THE WALL,” and “LOVE TRUMP’S WALL,” etc., appeared on sidewalks across campus, edits to the chalking of “LOVE TRUMPS HATE,” “GAY AND SCARED,” and “#NOTMYPRESIDENT,” that appeared last week in response to Donald Trump’s election as...

Letter to the Editor: Commit to paper, thought

Leonidas Miller

September 9, 2016

Dear Editor: Alex Bonnott did well to point out that "going paperless has its downsides, too." Being totally paperless makes possible that I do "not even have to leave my bed," because I have "no need to go to class at all." What kind of education is happening when the students and their teacher fail...

Letter to the Editor: Don’t begrudgingly vote Clinton

Jonathan M. Williams

September 9, 2016

Throughout this campaign, we have all heard many reasons why we should not elect Donald Trump as our next president. Although, despite the intense anxiety the word “Trump” generates, the feeling on campus appears to be that students will hold their noses and choose Hillary Clinton as the lesser...

Letter to the Editor: Good fences make good neighbors

September 1, 2016

Said Nigel Farage recently: “I would not vote for Hillary Clinton if she paid me to.” On June 23, 2016, the voters of Great Britain declared independence from the European Union. Rule Britannia! Nigel Farage helped voters to understand the issues. The Brits no longer wished to be under—yes,...

Letter: Suspending bylaws does not help

Jack Cruikshank, Senior political science major

April 18, 2016

I would like someone to explain to me how organizations on campus are allowed to vote to suspend their bylaws to correct an infraction the organization itself has inevitably just committed. In my time at Eastern, I have seen numerous organizations partake in this undemocratic process in order to avoid...

Letter: Illinois is not properly represented

Leonidas H. Miller, Mattoon Resident

April 11, 2016

Dear editor, With our billions in debt, Illinois is in trouble. Previous years have had troubles. This year the troubles have reached a heavier drama. Such troubles bring some to blame the governor and others the speaker of the house. It is seldom if ever we look at the problem as a constitutional,...

Letter: Reach out to your state legislators

Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, Assistant Professor of History

April 5, 2016

I was one of the contingent of EIU folks who traveled to Chicago on Friday for the Day of Action. As someone who prepares preservice secondary social studies teachers, I found the day to be a real-life lesson in civic engagement. One Twitter account used the phrase, “This is what democracy looks...

Letter: Find other businesses to support in the area

Jim Laughlin, Charleston Resident

March 31, 2016

EIU Students and Staff, Two adages pertinent to our local scene are that politics makes strange bedfellows and that money talks. The bedfellows in Charleston are, of course, Gov. Rauner and our present State Rep. Reggie Phillips, who has some successful businesses supported by the citizens of Charleston. It...

Letter: Open letter to students in research conference

Jeannie Ludlow, Faculty Laureate

March 28, 2016

Dear students, I am sorry to miss the important showcase of your work on April 1 (noon to 3:20 p.m., Grand Ballroom). I want to be there to celebrate with you. Instead, I’m going to Chicago—again—to stand with educators, students and families from around the state, to protest our politicians’...

Letter: Choose the right leader

Jonathan M. Williams, Political Science Graduate Student

March 23, 2016

Dear editor and fellow students, This week we will be making the very important decisions as to who will lead our student body. The key race in this election is for executive vice president, of which the outcome could heavily influence the direction of our Student Senate. As a former student...

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