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STAFF EDITORIAL: Admissions scandal sentencing reveals privilege

Staff Editorial

September 16, 2019

There is problem involving social class status in this country. The issue at hand is how people are being treated unjustly based on their social standing.  Felicity Huffman paid a $15,000 bribe so her daughter would get accepted into college.  She received her 14-day prison sentence Friday after ple...

Hispanic Heritage Month needs our respect

Staff Editorial

September 12, 2019

Hispanic Heritage Month starts Sunday, and with that, Eastern will be having events to commemorate it. The first event is Saturday, at the Newman Catholic Center, where an “Independence Dance” will be held from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. We at The Daily Eastern News think understanding the reason for a ...

Editorial: Take time to reflect on 9/11

September 10, 2019

Eighteen years ago, on September 11th, 2001 nearly 3,000 people lost their lives and almost 10,000 more were treated for injuries in what is widely considered to be the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. After 18 years many people can tell you where they were the moment they heard of the planes...

EDITORIAL: Textbook Rental is great for Eastern

Staff Editorial

September 8, 2019

Here at Eastern we are fortunate enough to have the bonus of renting our textbooks rather than buying them. This is a huge bonus for students as most schools require them to purchase their textbooks; and let’s be honest, many professors do not even use the textbooks their students have in their cu...

STAFF EDITORIAL: College journalism is crucial; it deserves respect

Staff Editorial

September 5, 2019

We at The Daily Eastern News believe in our reporting and the fact that we are providing a service to our readers by informing them of what is happening at Eastern. To make this happen, though, we need the cooperation of Eastern’s officials, students and community members to be able to relay and ...

Editorial: Straight Pride hype does not make sense

September 4, 2019

Up until 2015 marriage between same-sex couples was illegal.  Private homosexual activity was illegal nationwide until 2003 via Lawrence v. Texas.  Over the years LGBTQIA+ individuals have been discriminated against time and time again and have fought through it.  They have had laws restr...

Editorial:Tenth day numbers show step in right direction

September 3, 2019

Eastern’s tenth day enrollment numbers were released on Tuesday and once again, on-campus head count is down. This time the number of students on-campus dropped 3.25 percent to 4,917, in Fall 2018 that number was 5,082.  Last week, we at The Daily Eastern News, wrote an editorial stating that the ...

EDITORIAL: Mental health is a student’s top priority

Staff Editorial

September 2, 2019

In college, it is expected of students to put forth their full effort into schoolwork. Many students are good about doing this, and they strive to get the best grades possible, but sometimes they work themselves too hard and the aftermath is not good at all. We at The Daily Eastern News strongly encourage stud...

EDITORIAL: We should really start celebrating laborers on Labor Day

Staff Editorial

August 29, 2019

When people think of Labor Day, most remember days spent with family and friends, cooking out and hanging out. That is what the long weekend is all about, right? Not for some people. Forty-one percent of businesses require some of their staff members to work on Labor Day, according to a 2015 Bloomberg BNA ...

Editorial: On-campus head count is figure that matters most

August 28, 2019

Eastern is scheduled to release its 10th day enrollment numbers for the Fall 2019 semester Friday, numbers which Eastern's Provost Jay Gatrell said last week were “very positive” and also added that it is “going to be a great fall in terms of head count.”   We at The Daily Eastern News, as part of the ...

Editorial: Brazilian government at fault for Amazon fires

August 27, 2019

The devastating Amazon Rainforest fires that are literally so prominent and out of control that they’re visible from outer space are a result of the dysfunctional Brazilian administration. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been a punching bag (not totally undeserved, mind you) for people around...

EDITORIAL: Eastern’s event, RSO advertising needs work

Staff Editorial

August 26, 2019

When students do not show up to campus events, it kills the purpose for an event and leaves empty a chance for fun on campus. We at The Daily Eastern News have noticed a lack of student participation at campus events, and these are events that University Board, or other campus organizations, take tim...

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