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STAFF EDITORIAL: Remember, honor Black History Month

Staff Editorial

February 6, 2020

February marks Black History Month, and we at The Daily Eastern News want everyone to challenge themselves to go beyond the typical social construct of the month. This is the month to commemorate and celebrate the black people in history who have left their mark on the world and remember the strugg...

STAFF EDITORIAL: JLo, Shakira were great Sunday night

Staff Editorial

February 3, 2020

Quit complaining about the Super Bowl halftime show. History was made, thanks to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, as they were the first Latina headliners for a Super Bowl halftime show.   Not only did Shakira and JLo bring energy to the night, but they also brought immense pride to the Latinx commun...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Jimmy G represents all Panthers

Staff Editorial

January 31, 2020

Former Eastern quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will be playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.  As if you already did not know that.  Jimmy G, as we all so affectionately refer to him, might just be the greatest alumni Eastern has. Sorry to Tony Romo and Burl Ives, but ...

EDITORIAL: Insulin price cap excellent for Illinois

Staff Editorial

January 30, 2020

Illinois just became the second state to put a cap on monthly insulin prices after Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a bill into law Jan. 24. The new law will not go into effect until January 2021, but once it does, diabetics will no longer have to pay more than $100 a month for their insulin. In 2012, th...

Editorial: Bolton needs to testify

January 28, 2020

The impeachment saga the United States has been witnessing the last couple of months has been pretty much everything all of us could have expected it to be: An extremely partisan process where any ideas of working across the aisle were killed from the word go.  The House did its work already, voting to impe...

EDITORIAL: BOT should see contract, vote after

Staff Editorial

January 27, 2020

On Friday the Board of Trustees approved a new contract for Eastern President David Glassman.  According to Laura McLaughlin, Eastern’s general counsel, the contract has yet to be written even though the board approved a two-year renewal of Glassman’s contract, a 10 percent market-based salary...

Editorial: Rest in peace Kobe Bryant

January 26, 2020

It is not very often we have to deal with the loss of someone who made such a lasting and strong impact on so many people as former Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. Bryant died Sunday morning in a helicopter accident that killed nine people.  The news of Bryant's death shook the sports wo...

Editorial: Greek life numbers sad sight for all

January 24, 2020

Greek life participation at Eastern has seen a dramatic dip in the last five years. It used to be a big part of the Eastern community, and now less than 10 percent of the enrollment population is in either a fraternity or sorority. We at The Daily Eastern News think there are a few reasons why th...

EDITORIAL: Advertising to children is wrong

Staff Editorial

January 23, 2020

Advertising and branding are both highly prevalent in the U.S. Too often, we see individuals buying specific clothing or other items, simply because they are the new trend and they have been advertised all over the media. In the U.S., it is legal to create advertisements that are geared toward chil...

Editorial: CIA torture program in need of  accountability

January 21, 2020

“Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a ...

Editorial: New York Times decision odd, misplaced

January 20, 2020

It is common practice in the media industry for publications and news stations to endorse candidates for political office. Often times these endorsements, of course, can be divisive  and controversial. But the New York Times presidential endorsement released last week was just plain odd. It is n...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Australia needs more action from its government right now

Staff Editorial

January 17, 2020

At least 3,000 firefighters have been pushing back against large bushfires in Australia, which have heavily affected states like New South Wales and Victoria, across the east coast. In nearly three months, the fires have destroyed more than 2,000 homes and killed 27 people, including four firefighters. ABC...

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