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Edit: Infighting in Springfield leaves residents bearing the brunt of atrocity

Staff Editorial

January 28, 2016

The state is on its fourth governor in nearly 20 years, 50 percent of whom have gone to jail – George Ryan and Rod “Blago” Blagojevich. Truth be told, we would be better off with one of them leading the state. State schools have seen no state funding in nearly eight months; social service...

Editorial: Confidence is a major key to success

Staff Editorial

January 27, 2016

The women who competed in the recent Miss Black and Gold 2016 pageant represented a common theme through their performances—confidence. This Sunday Angela Davis, a senior sociology and African American studies major, was bestowed the title of Miss Black and Gold, but all of the contestants’ participation...

Editorial: Lack of budget could lead to layoffs

Staff Editorial

January 26, 2016

With more layoffs looming on the horizon for Eastern if the state of Illinois fails to pass an adequate budget—or a budget at all—people in the university community are understandably beginning to worry. Even though President David Glassman did his best to squelch rumors that the university would...

Editorial: Substance abuse shouldn’t be ignored

Staff Editorial

January 24, 2016

Drugs are an issue that affects all college campuses, and it’s a problem college students seem to brush off. In Friday’s edition of The Daily Eastern News, the article, “Police respond to overdoes in library,” said The University Police and paramedics responded to a man that overdosed on her...

Editorial: Rauner blames schools, still no budget

Staff Editorial

January 21, 2016

Gov. Bruce Rauner has said public Illinois universities need to be more accountable in their spending. This is ironic considering Rauner has failed to pass a state budget as Illinois is nearing almost seven full months without a budget. Even Mayor Rahm Emanuel has called out Rauner on his lack...

Editorial: Selecting the right administrators is imperative

Staff Editorial

January 20, 2016

Eastern has seen several administrators step down from their positions or take other jobs recently. With the university already in a vulnerable place because of Illinois’ budget crisis, Eastern is now under even more pressure to map out a better future, which will include finding the right people...

Editorial: Find an RSO to join at Pantherpalooza

Staff Editorial

January 19, 2016

Organized by the vice president for student affairs in student government, Pantherpalooza takes place on campus twice a year. In the fall, you’ll find more than 100 organizations lining the sidewalks in the South Quad. During the spring semester, it is in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union,...

Editorial: Monday is more than just a day off

Staff Editorial

January 14, 2016

Most people in the Eastern community should know that Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day if for no other reason than it is a day off from classes and work. The majority should know the reason as well our society celebrates King. We all learned (or at least should have learned) the basics of...

Editorial: Hoverboard ban will benefit students

Staff Editorial

January 13, 2016

A new popular mode of transportation has been sweeping the nation, and it seems there isn’t anyone who is not enjoying it. Of course, we are talking about the hoverboard, and now these things are banned from Eastern. Yes, students are no longer allowed to have these things on campus, and this...

Edit: WEIU-TV is a crown jewel for Eastern and alumni

Staff Editorial

January 11, 2016

One thing is for certain: WEIU-TV has affected the lives of the many that watch the broadcasts from the comfort of their home to the students who use it as a training ground to hone their skills to achieve their dreams. And this much was apparent during the public forum on Thursday as support for the...

Editorial: Budget impasse affects universities

Staff Editorial

December 14, 2015

In the summer, President David Glassman announced the laying off of 26 faculty members.  In a press release from Aug. 18, Eastern identified the 118 civil service and administrative and professional positions for elimination. The state budget impasse and decline in student enrollment has affected...

Editorial: Memorial courtyard a wise addition

Staff Editorial

December 11, 2015

Walking around campus should be a pleasant experience, and the university periodically renovates or installs new things in the various quads to enhance the Eastern environment. The housing and dining office recently has had to reevaluate its timeline for building a memorial courtyard between Andrews and Lawson ha...

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