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Get ready to rumble

December 7, 2017

All that is left to do this semester is finals, so with most grades basically set in stone we try to convince ourselves the work is over. However, with projects, essays and studying still left to do, we should not start celebrating quite yet.  Heading into the weekend, it is easy to think we will acco...

Dual Credits require consideration

December 6, 2017

When it comes to dual credit classes, the university should be looking into the opportunities they provide, while still paying attention to some of the issues that come up with implementing them. In Tuesday’s Faculty Senate meeting, Business professor Larry White, Eastern’s representative for...

Welcome and value unique experiences

Staff Editorial

December 5, 2017

Those who were able to talk to Ron Himes, Founder of the Saint Louis Black Repertory Company, while he was on campus, were given a unique experience this week. With only one week to practice, a cast of 10 Eastern students performed a show that they produced with Himes’ help. He also gave a talk...

Eastern needs to explain frat suspension

Staff Report

December 3, 2017

As journalists, it is our responsibility to get both sides and present an unbiased view of news that happens on campus, especially when this news essentially pits two parties against each other. However, when one side refuses to talk to the paper, it makes it harder to present both sides of what happ...

Stop, drop and leave

November 30, 2017

Despite it being taught to us since elementary school, it looks like some people still need a refresher on fire safety. For instance, if there is a fire alarm going off, leave the building that is allegedly on fire. This may seem obvious or like common sense to some. However, after Wednesday’s...

Perspective is everything

November 29, 2017

As we nestle into a special nook somewhere in some bare, cold spot in the library, we begin to pray to whatever higher entity can help us through the long week of final to make sure we pass. At that familiar moment we plead and beg for some type of salvation and make promise upon promise of performing...

Recognize excellence in the Eastern community

Staff Editorial

November 28, 2017

Given that Eastern is located in a small town just north of the middle of nowhere Illinois, it may be hard to believe anything remarkable could come out of such a tiny community. After all, one of the biggest prides of the town is being the start of a fast food chain along with being the site of a debat...

Participate in changes at Eastern

November 27, 2017

As a university, Eastern has gone through many staffing changes over the years, meaning many interview sessions with potential candidates for a variety of positions. Now, we have candidates interviewing to be the next director of New Student and Family Programs this week and next week, including an...

Make the best out of these last 3 weeks

Staff Report

November 26, 2017

After a week-long break, students trickle back onto campus, moving back into the dorms slowly beginning to focus on the weeks ahead. Two weeks and finals are all that separate us from more family time and another break from academic work. However, in our rush to get to the end, it is still important...

Decisive leadership needed at this time

November 15, 2017

Being prudent and thoughtful when making a decision is always important. Making too rash of a decision or too big of a change without weighing all the options first is a recipe for disaster. That being said, taking too long to make a decision leads to inaction, making it so no progress can be made. During...

Be willing to hear both sides even when leaders do not

Staff Report

November 14, 2017

In Monday’s edition of The Daily Eastern News, Logan Klepzig, a member of the Political Science Association, talked about how his organization was hosting a debate for the College Republicans and Democrats. Klepzig said when mentioning the parties debating, “We do not have to agree with each o...

Use break to prepare for the ‘real world,’ jobs

Staff Report

November 12, 2017

The future is often a nebulous, scary concept, especially in college. Through classes, work, trying to keep up a social life and more, it is often easy to forget that students are essentially in a transition phase of their lives. The college years, as permanent as they feel now, are only temporary....

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