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DEN Quick News: 5 things you need to know today

JJ Bullock, Editor-in-Chief

March 9, 2020

Today is March 9, 2020. Here are the five things you need to know today. 1. Students take to Charleston for Unofficial celebration Eastern students, alumni and visitors, celebrated the annual Unofficial St. Patrick's day party Saturday in Charleston. Full story: 2. NACWC working on projects at Eastern The National Association Colored Women's Club and its Eastern chapter, Women Improving Lives, a...

‘These Shining Lives’ performed at Eastern

Josh Hernandez, a junior majoring in finance and who plays Tom, who is Catherine’s husband in the play, and Merri Bork, a junior majoring in theatre and who plays Catherine, perform during dress rehearsal for “These Shining Lives” in The Theatre. In this scene, Tom comforts Catherine after she had a dream about dying. Catherine has Tom promise her that neither he nor the children will forget her when she dies.

Elizabeth Wood, Photo Editor

March 8, 2020

Time, it seems, was inescapable for four women: Catherine, Pearl, Charlotte and Francis, as they each laughed and cried together during “These Shining Lives” at the Doudna Fine Arts Center in The Theatre on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The play is a docudrama based on true events that...

Students take to Charleston for annual Unofficial celebration

Students enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon for 2020 Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Unofficial is an annual event in Charleston.

Corryn Brock, News Editor

March 8, 2020

The annual Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebration brought Eastern students, alums and members of the surrounding communities to Charleston Saturday. Amid the police cars, tickets and shut down parties, Unofficial-goers danced and drank at house parties around town. Jess Henry, a student attending...

Students talk sleep schedules

Karamon Samuel, Contributing Reporter

March 8, 2020

College is a different time for people; being on one’s own for the first time, having to deal with the amount of homework and how to pay for college are on many students’ minds. With all of these new responsibilities, it can be hard to get a good amount of sleep while being in college. According...

NACWC working on projects at Eastern

Emilie Bowman and Elizabeth Taylor, Reporters

March 8, 2020

Since 1896, the National Association of Colored Women’s Club has been devoted to volunteer work across the country. Eastern’s chapter, Women Improving Lives, uses service projects, both on and off campus, to achieve their mission of advocating for African American women and children and protecting...

Eastern students recognize International Women’s Day

Hannah Shillo, Associate News Editor

March 8, 2020

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 as a day to remember the fight for women’s rights. Some Eastern students also see it as a day to celebrate the inspirational women in their lives. Sharelle Fletcher, a freshman health communication major, said she does not wait for I...

Students play video games, draw at Tarble After Hours party

Kyara Morales, Staff Reporter

March 6, 2020

Students explored art exhibitions, grabbed snacks, listened to music and played board games Thursday evening during the Tarble Arts Center’s After Hours party. A Wii was provided, allowing the attendees to play games projected on a wall. Attendees also got the chance to make their own art with...

Daylight Saving kicks off Sunday

Elizabeth Taylor, Campus Reporter

March 6, 2020

People across America will turn their clocks forward Sunday marking the start of Daylight Saving Time and the continuance of a not-so-new debate. It was originally put in place to conserve the fuel needed to produce electric power; the U.S. adopted it in 1918. Today, most states still observe the prac...

CAA rejects OMA changes

Corryn Brock, Elizabeth Taylor

March 6, 2020

The Council on Academic Affairs unanimously rejected changes to its proposal regarding The Open Meetings Act during its meeting Thursday. The proposed revision would have changed the language in the bylaws from “all meetings shall adhere to the provisions of the Illinois Open Meetings Act,” to ...

Student employees reflect on appreciation day

Bryce Smith, Contributing Writer

March 6, 2020

Eastern employees shared their experiences on working on campus, explained what they liked about their jobs and their relationships with their bosses and talked about how they have felt appreciated for National Employee Appreciation Day. The holiday, celebrated on March 5, is a day when employers s...

Theatre production to shed light on workforce abuse

Elizabeth Wood, Photo Editor

March 5, 2020

Audience members can follow four women with “glowing” personalities as they shed light onto the darkest corners of labor abuse in the U.S. in the play “These Shining Lives” on Thursday, Friday and this upcoming weekend at The Theatre at the Dounda Fine Arts Center. The play is a docudrama based on true events...

Students perform in ‘Art Speaks’ series

Samad Fawole, Contributing Writer

March 5, 2020

A show at the Tarble Arts Center featured four students and three types of performance Wednesday night. The first performance consisted of two groups of two individuals moving and placing an object in different corners of the room, which Brendan Fernades, an internationally recognized Canadian contemporar...

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