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Alumni Association not to blame for selling names to credit card companies

Karen Kirr

February 5, 2001

If you are wondering why you are excessively bombarded with phone calls and mail from companies soliciting their credit cards, you can blame the creditors aggressiveness for obtaining your information. Read More »...

Senate takes a closer look at conflicting housing rate figures

Jermey Pelzer

February 5, 2001

The Housing Office and the Student Senate are still working to clarify information about a proposed increase in room and board rates for next year, said Bill Schnackel, Director of Housing and Dining Services. Read More »...

Council to consider ambulance assistance

Amber Williams

February 5, 2001

The City Council will be voting tonight on a resolution to enter into a mutual ambulance assistance agreement with the Windsor Area Ambulance Service. Read More »...

$3 million loss in budget leads to tighter belts

Joesph Ryan

January 9, 2001

Joseph Ryan Read More »

Panel discusses free speech

Maura Possley

December 5, 2000

Panel members, comprised to discuss free speech as it relates to campus issues, agreed they were opposed to filters on campus computers. Read More »...

President’s proposed plan worries some

December 5, 2000

Eastern may be the answer for summer employment woes. Read More »

Senate to survey student opinion of increases

Melissa Nielsen

December 5, 2000

Before voting on a proposed increase in room and board rates, the Student Senate will survey student opinion and hold a forum to educate students about the proposal, said Adam Weyhaupt, speaker of the senate. Read More »...

Faithful recyclers awarded weekly by plant director

Jeremy Pelzer

December 5, 2000

Some awards are presented for a person's achievements. Read More »...

RHA handles housing concerns

Melissa McCarter

December 5, 2000

The proposed costs of next year's housing fees are part of a complex budget, said Bill Schnackel, director of housing and dining, at the Residence Hall Association meeting Thursday. Read More »...

Speaker addresses students about ‘education’s ultimate goal’

Aaron Swiercz

December 5, 2000

"Education's ultimate goal is to promote self-determination," said Michael Wehmeyer, Ph.D., during his speech Thursday in the Buzzard Auditorium. Read More »...

Nationwide environmental scholarships come to Eastern

Ashley Waggoner

December 5, 2000

Students who are interested in careers involving the environment now have an opportunity for placement and advancement in their chosen fields. Read More »...

Teen Reach looking for student volunteers

Amber Williams

December 5, 2000

The Charleston Teen Reach is currently seeking out Eastern students who are willing to volunteer time to spend with teenaged children. Read More »...

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