COLUMN: Student burnout


Rob Le Cates

Kyla Moton is a junior English major and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

Kyla Moton, Columnist

It’s come to the time of year in which I find it very difficult to stay motivated. I know I can’t be the only student that feels this way, I think it might actually be a universal feeling for college students everywhere.

The constant feeling of laziness and the urge to put that assignment off for a few days because you simply don’t feel like doing it.

The want to stay in bed all day instead of getting up for classes, the late night meal that you eat because you were too occupied during the day to do so, all of these feelings are taking over me right now.

But why? What is it about these last few weeks in the semester that are tripping us up? 

Personally, I feel that multiple things contribute to this.

For one, the time change is something that I know has been confusing me. I’m not used to getting out of class and having it be dark outside already.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that it’s later than it is as well. Generally, I feel that this time of year makes it feel like this as well.

The weather and time change on top of it being the last couple of weeks this semester just takes a toll on students mentally and physically. It takes a toll on our school work as well as our social lives. 

Around this time of year, it gets very difficult for me to want to hang out with friends or do things that I usually do for leisure.

There’s always events going on on campus, but I rarely find enough energy to attend.

It’s not that the programs and events aren’t interesting, it’s the fact that I already find it hard to get up and go to class, it’s even harder when I try to find time to do things that I actually enjoy.

I occasionally find myself with a burst of energy, and this is usually when I do something that I like to do. Watch a good movie, go see my friends, or even go bowling.

This rare but sudden burst of energy has to be dealt with immediately or else I lose it. This excitement is what keeps me going throughout the days. Even if I only get this opportunity once in a while, it’s still great when it happens.

My schoolwork is usually the thing that take the worst tumble during this time of year. I’m doing better than I was doing in my past semesters for sure, but the fear of falling off again when I’ve been doing so well is real.

Luckily, I have a great support system on campus from friends, mentors and professors. It’s never easy going through these kinds of feelings, but going through it alone does not make it better. 

Overall, this time of year brings a lot of different emotions for everyone. But, it’s always important to put first things first and find your own motivation to keep getting up everyday and doing the best that you can with what you have. 

Kyla Moton is a junior English/creative writing major. She can be reached at [email protected] or 217-581-2812.