CAA approves new nutrition, dietetics honors course


Rob Le Cates

Council of Academic Affairs Chairperson Richard Wilkerson opens the meeting by asking if there can be a motion to start a discussion at the CAA meeting on Thursday in the Witters Conference Room.

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

The Council of Academic Affairs unanimously approved a new nutrition and dietetics honors course on Thursday in the Witters Conference Room in Booth Library.

CAA approved the new course NTR-1190 Food Science, Honors. The course will be offered in the fall 2022 semester and is worth three credit hours.

The course is meant to apply the scientific method to food-based experiments, including basic food preparation and processing techniques and sensory and objective evaluation. 

This course will replace the NTR-3120 Food Science and be an honors version of the newly revised NTR-1190 Food Science course.

The course credits will only apply if students have not already taken NTR-1120 Introduction to Food Science or FCS-1120 Food Selection and Preparation. 

The new honors course is for any student in Eastern’s honor program or the nutrition and dietetics departmental honors.

This is a face-to-face course with a combination of a lecture and lab as well as listed as writing intensive.

Following the fall 2022 semester, the course will be available on demand.

The course cannot be repeated and will be graded in Eastern’s standard grading format.

Students enrolled in the course will have to spend $25 on a chef’s coat and lab manual, and another $25 to cover the cost of food and non-food supplies used throughout the course.

Community college courses will not count as an equivalent course.

CAA will not meet over Spring Break; their next meeting will be on March 24.