Student Senate approves allocation of $34K for the University Board


Madelyn Kidd

Haylee Brickey, a senior public relations major and chair of the University Board, presents to Student Senate explaining what the University Board plans to use the requested $34K for on Wednesday.

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

The Student Senate unanimously approved the University Board’s request on Wednesday for an additional $34,000 from the apportionment board revenue reserve account for the board’s budget.

The Senate voted 20-0 for the University Board’s request for $34,000 to expand on student programs, marketing, giveaways, upgrades, events and supplies.

The University Board chairperson Haylee Brickey, a senior public relations major, presented to the Senate what the total $34,000 is being used for.

“What [University Board are] is a student funded organization through program work for campus, so all those fun events, educational, diverse, whatever the case may be, that is what we’re putting on,” Brickey said.

A large amount of the $34,000 is for Panther Bash taking place on April 6 and April 7.

Panther Bash is planned to have arcade and virtual reality games.

In total, the $34,000 is planned to be divided and spent as $5,300 for marketing, $2,000 for special events, $7,100 for productions and $20,000 for Panther Bash.

The Senate unanimously approved 20-0 for Sports and Recreations’ additional student fee allocation request for $20,000 to afford new equipment.

The Recreation Center requested $20,000 to pay for a portion of the cost of 15 indoor cycling bikes.

The current 15 cycling bikes the new bikes would be replacing were bought in 2008 with a 5-year warranty. The expected usage life was eight to 10 years.

The new cyclist bikes are expected to cost from $26,500to $33,000  and the remaining amount will be paid through Campus Recreation.

Sarah Daugherty, director of campus recreation, presented to the Senate the need for the 15 replacement bikes and why they’re looking to replace this equipment over others.

“These bikes are used for a multitude of reasons,” Daugherty said. “You know, we have tons of cardio equipment. However, these are the oldest pieces in our facility… We’re getting pretty far up there as far as how much mileage they’re in and to the point where I can’t repair them anymore.”

The Senate approved 20-0 for a new Registered Student Organization, RSO, a Genealogy Club.

The president of the club Harrison Walker, a computer and information technology major, wanted to start a genealogy club because of his interest in genealogy.

“I have been a big fan of it ever since I did a project of it in high school,” Walker said. “So, I was wanting to see if there were others on campus who are also really passionate about the subject, and there have been quite a few numbers who have signed up.”

The Senate also approved unanimously for another additional student fee allocation for the Student Senate for $9,450.

The additional money is going towards Student Senate events, future giveaways, marketing, free date rape drug cards which will be available during Unofficial week and other expenses.

The Senate appointed two new senators Nora Okolie, a pre-nursing major, and Nathaniel Wilson, a criminal justice major.

Senator Okolie was appointed to the University Enhancement Committee, and Senator Wilson was appointed to the Business Affairs Committee.

The Senate is currently looking for students not on Student Government to serve on the Election Commission Committee for the upcoming Student Government elections for next year.


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