COLUMN: Dear Hollywood, stop making straight movies


Katja Benz

Katja Benz, Columnist

I’ve known something about myself since I was fourteen years old. Prior to that, I’d had little inklings and feelings that I wasn’t straight, but I was finally able to put a label on my sexuality.

As someone that is part of the LGBT community, I find it frustrating that the type of experience that I live isn’t represented in movies, especially around holidays like Valentine’s or Christmas.

It’s not something people think about everyday. Even when holidays aren’t around the corner, there are still movies that only show straight couples.

When Hollywood makes these kinds of films, they tend to put straight couples in these films, so that people have “an example of a perfect relationship.” You know, the ones where the couple kisses in the rain after they fight, and everything seems so perfect it’s almost unbelievable.

As someone that’s part of the LGBT community, finding rom-coms that portray love that way is incredibly hard.

Hollywood’s version of “a perfect relationship” usually involves straight people, which is not the most reflective. It’s almost like Hollywood is telling us to stay in the closet, which isn’t okay.

If Hollywood wants viewers to keep watching movies, then they should make movies that reflect all walks of life- not just the ones that are simple, cheap, cliché, predictable and…straight people oriented.

Not every rom-com has to be the same and in fact I think people would almost enjoy the movie more if there was some variety to it.

Take the movie “La La Land” for example. Spoiler alert, the best part is that Mia and Sebastian don’t end up together.

Call me cynical, but it was almost refreshing to watch. In a magical turn of events, the two people viewers thought were getting to stay together forever, don’t.

We need more films like that-less straight, less predictable. I know people enjoy it when it’s like that.

People I know hate the formula of these movies, but still fall prey to them every single time, even though they know they hate the predictability.

Except there are a few things that can make the movies just as predictable, while still being enjoyable.

What if we take the movie “Isn’t It Romantic?” The protagonist, Natalie, says that her life isn’t a rom-com, but then it quite literally becomes one.

In the movie, Josh, Natalie’s coworker and love interest in the ‘real world,’ falls for a model in an alternate universe, who’s name is Isabella.

What if instead, Natalie falls in love with Isabella in the alternate universe?

I feel like that would be so much more entertaining. It also shows a perspective that some people may not be used to.

Money obviously matters to Hollywood, but the way they balance everything out seems really extreme to me.

They continually make movies that say that people should go for it even though they never do.

So, Hollywood, why do you do that? Why won’t you stop being a hypocrite and take your own advice?

I know you want to see it too, Hollywood. So do us a favor and make it.

Katja Benz is a junior English major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]