COLUMN: Forget summer, it’s fall y’all! 


Ellen Dooley

Ellen Dooley, Columnist

Remember last week when it was so nice out? There was the cool breeze, leaves falling, and not sweating trying to run from Old Main towards Coleman. A lot of students even broke out the good ol’ EIU hoodie or sweatshirt. Java Beanery and Bakery even released some new Fall drinks! The temperatures are on the rise this week though. On Monday, it was gross. I do not know how many people could agree though.  

In my opinion, Fall is the best time of the year. Unlike most people on my floor, my Halloween and Fall décor was up by Labor Day. I spent my time at home that week perusing the local dollar store and finding only the best sparkly leaf garlands and battery-operated jack o’ lantern lights. There are three things I love to do every Fall. For me, Fall is a good time to work on mindfulness. I am ankle deep in course work and sometimes I just need to relax and take my mind off things.  

The first thing that relieves a bit of stress is comforting objects and scents. Although candles are prohibited in the residence halls, I find my way around. For about a dollar at Walmart, you can get Glade air fresheners. One of my favorite Fall scents is called Cashmere Woods. It is light, airy and just gets you in the Fall mood. If you are bougie and have the chance to find your local Bath and Body Works, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is a good pick. It is ironic that I do not like coffee, but it is your perfect pumpkin scent! You can buy this scent in body wash, lotion, body mist, and hand sanitizer (COVID-19  safe and festive!) If scents aren’t your thing, try comforting objects. My favorite is a queen-sized knitted blanket. Yes, I am aware of the twin XL size of my bed, but I couldn’t resist. Knitted sweaters and cardigans are also my favorite. It’s all about comfort and finding your happy medium. For me, the cooler temperatures, nice smells, and comfy sweaters and blankets helps my mindfulness. It’s a small gesture, but it helps me.  

Another Fall favorite is just sitting outside. Usually, the temperatures are cooler, and you don’t get sunburnt after five minutes. Sometimes it’s just nice to get outside and get fresh air. Say you’re doing homework and feel stressed or burnt out, just take a walk to clear your head. A quick change in scenery and getting out of your study head will reset your brain so you can start fresh. Also, there is this thing called vitamin D. Regulate those phosphates and calcium! Although it is spooky season, we are here for strong bones only.  

As course work seems to overwhelm or as the impending doom of midterms approaches, mindfulness is key. You need to make sure you are at your best to do your best. As the leaves fall and temperatures drop, I hope you all enjoy your Fall and upcoming spooky season.  

Ellen Dooley is a freshman special education major. She can be contacted at 581-2812 or [email protected].