CAA to discuss potential changes to classes


Janiya Fair

The Council of Academic Affairs held a meeting Sept. 16 in Booth library.

Luke Taylor, News Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will meet today in the Witters Conference Room in Booth Library at 2 p.m.

There appears to be an error on the agenda for this meeting. The “Items to be Acted Upon” section says “none,” but includes a list of three items.

If those action items are for this meeting, the council will be voting on revising Electronic Writing Portfolio requirements for the clinical laboratory sciences major.

This revision was requested by Gary Bulla, the chair of the biological sciences department, because the EWP requirements are difficult to complete for most students in that major.

The final year of the clinical lab sciences major is completed off-campus at an affiliate clinical hospital.

Additionally, students pursuing that major often transfer to Eastern after completing their first two years’ requirements at another institution. This means that most of these students are only taking classes at Eastern for one year, so it’s difficult to find three essays matching the EWP requirements over only two semesters.

The council will also be voting on revising exit evaluation requirements for the psychology major.

The psychology department submitted a revision request which includes their rationale for making changes.

“Our department is considering a greater integrated assessment of psychology content

Knowledge, rather than the current single comprehensive exam administered in D2L

during a student’s last term before graduation,” the request says.

The department said that answers to a set of questions are not a good representation of what students in that major are learning.

There would still be a set of specific requirements for graduation, but the exit exam would be removed from that list.

They would also decide whether to approve a new course, CSM 3700: Teaching Computer Science.

Several items are to be added to the agenda for the following meeting, including action items for four potential new classes.

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