Monday last day to withdrawal


Staff Report

Monday, Sep. 20 will be the last day to withdraw from classes in the fall semester.

If students withdraw by that date, they will get a 50 percent refund for the course.

To withdraw from classes, go to the “Add or Drop Classes” screen in PAWS.

Under the action column, there’s a box for each course. Use the drop-down menu to select the “Drop Web” option, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit Changes.”

If students miss the Sep. 20 deadline and have extraordinary circumstances which call for them to withdraw, they can apply for late withdrawal.

Failing a course is not a reason for late withdrawal, but things like illness or emergencies could be approved.

If a student is seeking late withdrawal for medical reasons, they should reach out to Health Services or the Counseling Center.

There are online forms for late withdrawal on the Office of the Registrar pages of Eastern’s site.

Students seeking late withdrawal can take those forms and any supporting documents to the Registrar’s Office before Oct. 15.

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