EDITORIAL: Have a fun and safe Family Weekend


Editorial Board

Family Weekend is almost here. Where students get to show their family around campus, get their face painted, go bowling, play games and more.

However, while being on-campus again might make everyone feel like it’s normal again, frankly it’s not.

COVID-19 is still a major problem, especially for Coles County. In Coles County, numbers of positive cases, hospitalization, deaths and the use of ventilators are significantly increasing. Sarah Bush Lincoln has already had to enact their internal disaster plan because they didn’t have room for any more patients.

It’s extremely important for everyone a part of Family Weekend this year to remember we’re not out of the woods yet.

Wear your masks, distance yourselves as much as possible and be responsible for making sure your family is following Eastern’s guidelines and rules.

No one at Eastern wants to miss another Family Weekend again because everyone decided not to follow guidelines.