Enrollment numbers show decrease in total credit hours


The Daily Eastern News

A graph shows the 20-year history of Eastern’s Fall enrollment, including the slow then rapid decline followed by a recent uptick in students after Eastern began offering dual credit course for high school students.

Corryn Brock, Editor-in-Chief

An in-depth look at Eastern’s enrollment numbers shows a drop of 401 credit hours from 2020 to 2021.

The cost per credit hour is $315.74 for undergraduate students from Illinois, border states and distinguished out-of-state students. The cost per credit hour for non-border state undergraduate students is $394.68.

The cost per credit hour for in-state graduate students is $320.45. For out-of-state graduate students, the cost per credit hour is $769.07.

This could mean a potential loss of $126,611.74 or more for Eastern.

High school students taking dual credit courses increased by 397 credits.

Three high school students are full-time students for the Fall 2021 semester and the remaining 2,278 students are part-time students.

Undergraduate credit hours saw a drop of 1,666 credits while graduate students saw an 868 credit drop.

The majority of undergraduate students are full-time students with 644 of the students being part-time out of the total 4,625 undergraduate students studying at Eastern.

Graduate student credit numbers saw an increase of 868 credit hours.

The majority of graduate students are part-time students with 730 being part-time and 975 students being full-time students.

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