EDITORIAL: Respect families of active cases


Editorial Board

In missing person cases as family and friends are still in search of the missing person, it is important to be respectful of how you speak about the case.

There should always be respect for the family’s privacy to information as well.

They will give out what information they are willing to give out and in their own time.

We should never pressure them to give out any more information or any less information. We do not deserve that information solely because we have been following that case.

Gossip and rumors about missing people may discourage them from finding the person they are trying to find, lead the police in the wrong direction or ruin the person’s personal reputation.

The spreading of this misinformation can skew the perception of who the missing case is on.

Every missing person is worthy of being found regardless of who they are or who they are perceived to be. However, because of misinformation, some cases are swept under the rug due to how society may perceive that person.

It is important also important to keep hope when speaking about cases involving missing persons. There should always be empathy to the situation that families and friends of those persons are in.

They are currently in a time of grief, not knowing whether they will be facing a permanent loss or not. Words of those around them have an impact.