COLUMN: Online vs. in-person: what to do

Karyne Allen, Columnist

The last year has been hard and has changed a lot about how we go to class.

Online class and in-person class has changed a lot about how we each view school and how professors teach.

I have taken both online classes and in-person classes and things have changed since COVID-19 has made it so that everyone has to learn how to adapt to new learning styles.

My experience has shown that both have their pros and cons and which one that I like best, looking at both from all sides.

The pros of in-person classes are that I can pay attention and get my notes done without having something distracting me. No one can call me to do something in the middle of class.

It is also great to be able to have private conversations in person, also coming to class the professor sometimes gives out handouts and has the due dates on the handout making it easier for people who do not own a printer.

The cons are waking up early, picking between eating breakfast, making sure everything is ready for each class, forgetting things at home, oversleeping, and making it on time for each class across campus.

The pros of online classes are that I can get up five minutes before class starts and still be on time and everything I need is sitting next to me.

I can eat during class and no one has to know because I can just mute and turn off my camera, since all the notes are usually online.

The cons are that deadlines are online, and no one will say anything about it sometimes. All the handouts are up to you to either print out or find.

The Internet goes down or websites are sometimes not working.

I think between the two I would rather do online just because it is easy to keep up with classes and have everything ready when waking up.

There is no rush to get to class or get dressed for class.

In-person classes are great too, but the cons are something I could live without.

I think either way is great depending on what kind of person you are and based on how busy you are throughout the day.

Karyne Allen is a junior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].