Friday last day to drop classes


Madelyn Kidd, Managing Editor

Friday is the last day to drop or enroll in a class and to withdraw from the student insurance plan and fee. If you drop a class or the student insurance plan Friday, you won’t have to pay for the class or insurance.

To add or drop a course, you will have to first log into Paws.

Once you are logged in, go to the “Student” tab and click on “Registration,” which will lead you to the “Add or Drop Classes” tab. From there you can add available classes or drop any of your classes.

Before dropping or enrolling in a class, you should contact your adviser to discuss the decision.

As for the student insurance plan, Eastern has a student insurance plan available for undergraduate students registered for nine credit hours or more, graduate students registered for six credit hours or more and international students registered for three credit hours or more.

Part-time students taking five to eight credit hours are also able to purchase a student insurance plan to help cover many health services.

Each semester, students pay a fee in their tuition for student insurance. Many students are unaware they can have this fee removed by filing for their removal from the student insurance plan. Friday is the last day to submit the paperwork to have the fee dropped from their tuition cost.

However, the student insurance plan is beneficial for students without a health insurance plan. More advanced partial coverage is available for an increased fee.

It is of note that the student insurance plan is only partial coverage and will not cover the full cost of a medical bill. However, the student insurance plan will cover approximately 70 percent of most medical care costs. The plan also covers ambulance costs up to $300, dental for $100 per injured tooth and 50 percent of CT, MRI and physician inpatient fees.

Before dropping the student insurance plan, you should contact the Student Insurance office to discuss Eastern’s student insurance benefits and if your current insurance covers everything the student insurance plan does.

Also, to suggest a claim for the student insurance, there is a student insurance claim form available to submit for review to the Student Insurance office.

Madelyn Kidd can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]