Faculty Senate holds first meeting


Staff Report

Due to technical difficulties on the side of The Daily Eastern News, the portions of the Faculty Senate meeting were unable to be viewed as it was streamed Tuesday afternoon.

The News regrets the lack of meeting coverage and will be contacting the chair of the Faculty Senate, Todd Bruns for more information on the meeting for a story to be published online as soon as possible.

The Senate voted unanimously to support the combination of the Faculty Development and Innovation Center and the Library Advisory Boards.

The proposal was brought forward by FDIC Michael Gillespie and Zachary Newell, Dean of Library Services.

Gillespie also spoke on the FDIC and what to expect in the 2021-2022 academic year.

The meeting also brought discussion of the coming academic year, reevaluating remaining items from the previous year and discussing some potential focuses for the upcoming academic year.

According to the agenda:

-The Senate began with a discussion on a plus/minus grading system proposal, a highly discussed proposal from the past year.

-Next, the Senate discussed the status of an Indigenous Land acknowledgment.

-The Senate also discussed a 2021-2022 theme, with “Moving from the Survival Era to the Investment Era” and “Rebuilding a Faculty Culture” as two possible options.

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