EDITORIAL: Mary Miller should look for a better pasttime


Editorial Board

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller, the Republican representing Illinois District 15, recently called for the

impeachment of U.S. President Joe Biden, claiming Biden’s “erratic” behavior regarding

Afghanistan is the reason he should be impeached.

This is honestly comical coming from her.

Miller consistently voiced her support for former U.S. President Donald Trump, never

considering how disgraceful his actions were throughout his presidency.

Miller made no comments when Trump made the United States a laughingstock across the

world. He made a mockery of our democracy while Miller sat back and praised him for it and for

not conforming to the liberals (whatever that means).

We at The Daily Eastern News would like to clearly state that Miller’s blatant hypocrisy is

appalling. She is representing District 15 poorly by wasting time and resources on a move that so clearly holds no weight.

She is focused so heavily on making a name for herself in national politics that she has

forgotten she still has a district to represent.

Perhaps as we edge closer to a year of her being in office, we will start to see her spending less

time pandering to the Republican party and looking for things to blow out of proportion to fire

up her supporters and more time finding ways to better help her constituents.

If we were to offer up some suggestions, we would recommend encouraging constituents to actually wear masks and start getting vaccinated so they don’t die before she runs for reelection.