Eastern needs building maps


Editorial Board

With the start of the year and new students searching for their classes, one problem became abundantly clear; EIU doesn’t have an available map for each building.

More specifically, EIU provides building maps with emergency exits and accessibility doors labeled, but not a single one details which room is where.

For planners, this is a nightmare. Some of the buildings have a detailed map inside the building meaning these maps already exist but aren’t available for everyone else. What was the point of creating these maps if they would never be readily available for students to access outside of the building?

If someone has already gone through the work of creating and labeling the building maps, why aren’t they available online for those unfamiliar with the building? Having these maps available online would help students know which floor of the building their classes are on.

It’s also beneficial to know which side of the building your class is on to know the closest entrance to get to your class.

It makes everything more complicated to have to reference a physical map with an unknown location within the building.

It would make everyone’s lives easier to have easily accessible building maps available online for all incoming students and returning students who’ve never been in the building before.