We will continue to support AFSCME


Editorial Board

As we move into a new academic year with a new Editorial Board we want to make one thing very clear: our support of AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 981, has not changed.

Members of AFSCME range from clerical and technical workers to building service and food service workers but they all share one thing: they are the backbone of this university.

They keep our buildings clean and safe during this pandemic, fed the campus community and keep our university running through a time many universities are struggling.

Without them who knows how long our university would have stayed open during the pandemic?

With each passing day they continue working as hard as ever but with no fair contract to show the university appreciates the work they do.

We at The Daily Eastern News are quite frankly appalled that the university continues to offer unfair contracts to the people making it possible for them to work.

The university must start acting as though they care about these workers because there is simply no way this university would function without them.

We believe the best way to show these hard workers how much their work means is by properly compensating them and giving them the same rights they were given in past contracts.

We have heard the stories of employees struggling every day but sticking it out because they love this university and want to be a part of what goes on on this campus.

We have heard about how much these workers love and care about the well-being of Eastern students.

That is why we are calling on the campus and surrounding communities to show their support for AFSCME.

Let them and Eastern know you care.

Don’t let them fight alone.

And to Eastern, it is high time the university starts being “All In” for those who are truly all in for us.