Introduction to the 2021/2022 Opinions Editor


Theo Edwards, Opinions Editor

The position of Opinions Editor is something I have been working up to over the summer by writing opinion articles on various niche interests of mine. 

My favorite opinion articles I wrote were about fanart of the television show “Hannibal” that was hung in the U.S. Capitol and putting people of color back into the narrative of aesthetics. Both topics are things I am obsessed with and can talk about for odd lengths of time.

Over the summer I also worked on writing for Charleston City Council meetings. This felt like a step up from the Student Government articles I had been doing the previous year. My start at The Daily Eastern News as a reporter was, however, impeded by COVID-19 as I was stuck reporting on zoom meetings. 

As for my major, my focus is a psychology major with a minor in journalism. What drew me to psychology was my interest in analysis and research. I also wanted to do something related to science but had to do something limited with math since my skills with it are not so great. 

Currently, I am just gathering various kinds of experience to see what I would like to do after graduation. If I decide to go into journalism, then I would stop my education at the bachelor’s level.

However, if I were to pursue a job in psychology my options of consideration are to continue to a master’s degree in clinical psychology here at Eastern. I would then continue to a doctorate program somewhere and go into research of abnormal psychology or child psychology. 

The future is open though and climate change is real, so nothing is permanent. 

I feel that my work at the Daily Eastern News would translate well into the writing required in the field of psychology, which was a major incentive to join. Both routes I can choose after graduation I still have developed skills along the way.

My hobbies include reading, and my favorite book right now is “The Secret History.”  It is my favorite for its appeal to the dark academia aesthetic and themes of hedonism.

My favorite genre of movies is horror, specifically psychological horror which comes as no surprise at my major. I also love to play video games, one of which is “Dead by Daylight.” I do enjoy analysis videos on YouTube that I watch on a variety of topics like philosophy and politics.

As I go into my sophomore year, I am excited to be Opinions Editor for The News! I plan to feature a diverse range of opinions as I recruit a variety of staff to work along with us.

Theo Edwards is a sophomore journalism major. They can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].