PHOTO GALLERY: Chalk-in at Red, White and Blue Days

Luke Taylor, Editor-in-Chief


Chalk-in Award recipients:

Most Patriotic: Heather Seigel

Preschool-Kindergarten First Place: Scotty Harper

Preschool-Kindergarten Second Place: Reed Adair

Preschool-Kindergarten Third Place: Kali Tucker

1st-3rd Grade First Place: Rafael Barnes

1st-3rd Grade Second Place: Jocelyn Stewart

1st-3rd Grade Third Place: Ollie White

4th-6th Grade First Place: Emsley White

4th-6th Grade Second Place: Ashley Stewart

4th-6th Grade Third Place: Thisbe Barnes

Junior High First Place: Jeanna Mertz

Junior High Second Place: Jeanna Mertz

Junior High Third Place: Kassandra McKinney

High School First Place: Leah Mertz

High School Second Place: Leah Mertz

Adults First Place: Jacqui Worden

Adults Second Place: Robby Gladu

Adults Third Place: Tie between Addie Gladu and Heather Siegel

Group First Place: The Himes Family

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