CAA OKs 11 items in final meeting

Adam Tumino, Editor-in-Chief

The Eastern Council on Academic Affairs had a busy agenda for its final meeting of the semester Thursday afternoon.

The council acted on and passed all 11 items on the agenda. They also named hospitality and tourism professor Richard Wilkinson as the next CAA Chair for the 2021/22 academic year and KSR professor Stacey Ruholl as Vice Chair.

The first item was a revision to PUBH 2700 Foundations in Health Literacy.

The rational for the proposal stated:

“This proposal offers updates to the previous course with additions which are better matched to the trends to familiarize or update material in our ever-changing field along with the course description.”

The second item was a revision to the Exercise Science program that removed to BIO courses and allow students more choices in selecting courses for the general education requirement in the program.

The third item on the agenda was a revision to the Early Childhood Education major that changed to semester hours from 124 to 125 to account for PUBH 3200, a 3-hour course, replacing PUBH 3000, a 2-hour course, in the required coursework.

Next was a proposal was another program revision, this time to the Family and Consumer Sciences program. It would remove three courses from the required coursework, dropping the semester hours from 49 to 42.

The fifth item was a proposal to change the name of the Latin American Studies Minor to the “Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor.” The reasoning is to reflect current curriculum in the program and make the program more inclusive.

The sixth item was a proposal for a new digital media course, DGT 1001 Introduction to the Digital Media Technology Profession.

Next two proposals were both new DGT courses that are being created out of DGT 3303.

The first, DGT 3003 Game Development, will be designed to create a separate course in game development.

The other course, DGT 3013 2D Animation, and the rationale was the same for the creation of the DGT 3003, but with 2D animation being the focus.

The next item was a revision to the Digital Media Technology program to add DGT 1001, DGT 3003 and DGT 3013 to the required coursework and remove DGT 3303.

The 10th item was a revision to the DGT Minor to add DGT 1001 to the required coursework and remove DGT 1363 from the required coursework. The number of electives required for the program will also be increased from four to five.

The next item was both added to the agenda and acted upon Thursday so CAA could have a clean slate entering next semester.

It was a new course titled EIU 4150G Culinary Tourism, which will examine how culinary tourism impacts economies.


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