CAA to vote on 3 program revisions Thursday

Corryn Brock, News Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will vote on three revised programs during its meeting Thursday at 2 p.m.

The three programs are Pre-Occupational Therapy, Family and Consumer Sciences and Digital Media and Technology.

The rationale for the proposed pre-occupational therapy program change is “Communication with the Pre-Health professions advisor and the Biology Department Chair indicates that schools of occupational therapy are placing a growing emphasis on anatomy and physiology pre-requisites over and above general biology courses. Adding the BIO XXXXG general education course allows students some choice with respect to meeting the general education requirement.”

Rationale for the family and consumer sciences professional education program pointed to a need to update the program.

“It has been brought to our attention that with the change in state requirements, not all the MLE courses listed in the catalog under Family and Consumer Science Education will need to be included as currently listed in the Secondary Education program,” according to the proposal. “This modification would bring the requirements parallel with those in Business Education and Technology Education.”

If approved the change would remove MLE 3100, MLE 3150 and MLE 4001 from requirements for the program.

Another proposal requests the course PUBH 3000 be removed from the following programs/options:

-Early Child Education

-Early Child Education: Education Studies Option

-Elementary Education: Education Studies Option

-Middle Level Education

-Middle Level Education: Education Studies Option

The council will also vote on revising PUBH 2700.

“This proposal offers updates to the previous course with additions which are better matched to the trends to familiarize or update material in our ever-changing field along with the course description,” according to the proposal.

Not all items had information as of press time Wednesday night.

Other items to be voted on are a Latin American Studies minor revision, a Digital Media and Technology minor revision, a new Digital Media and Technology course, and the revision of two Public Health Courses and two Digital Media and Technology courses.


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