Students share study tips as finals approach

Corryn Brock, News Editor

As finals come into sight, students are rushing to study for exams and finish presentations for their courses.

Students prepare for finals in a variety of ways but the most popular is by studying. Some feel it gets them the grades they need while others feel they can do without it.

For those who benefit from studying, upperclassmen at Eastern shared what works best for them while studying for finals.

Claire Kennedy, a senior biochemistry major, said studying is her go-to during finals week.

“I usually study for everything,” Kennedy said. “Even though finals are stressful I like showing my professors that I learned stuff from them and that I understand the material.”

Kayla Granat, a junior English education major, said studying is something she uses; no matter how much or how little she always does it.

“Whether it’s cramming the night before or taking time consecutively throughout my week I study for every test I have,” Granat said. “I feel like if I don’t study I’ll fail and then feel guilty because I know I could’ve done something to make me get a better grade.”

Kennedy said she thinks it is important for other students to study.

“I think it’s important to study, especially for classes in your major because you’re learning things that will hopefully help you in your career,” Kennedy said. “We pay a lot of money to take these classes so I think it important to try and do your best.”

Granat said studying can help more than just grades.

“Studying is important because it really prepares you for your test. Whatever studying method you have can be really beneficial and it just lets you know that you did everything that you could have to prepare yourself,” Granat said. “I also feel like if you study you finish the test quicker and can leave early.”

Kennedy said she tries to be creative with her study spots.

“I usually try and study somewhere bedsides my room like in the library or just in a different part of my place. I try and go back through my notes and old exams to figure out what kinds of questions will be asked,” Kennedy said. “Then I condense all of it together so it’s in one place. A good playlist also helps me keep focus!”

Granat had several recommendations for students who struggle while studying.

“If it’s with procrastinating studying I like to make a daily list of things that I have to do and prioritize studying. Then when all the tasks are done I reward myself by watching a couple episodes of a show or something. If it’s struggling with the actual studying part I always recommend people finding out what type of learner they are so just finding a quiz online,” Granat said. “The ones most people know are verbal, oral, or kinesthetic but there’s always reading/writing learners. Then just google your learning type plus study methods. If you’re an oral learner but are using Quizlet it’ll be difficult for you to actually learn the material so finding out what helps you best is the key.”

Kennedy said she recommends students talk to those around them about the struggles they face during finals. She said one of the biggest struggles she has faced during her time at Eastern is the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously, COVID-19 was a big struggle and then moving back home and taking classes online was a big adjustment. I think what helped me the most was trying to do just a little bit everyday and breaking big projects into smaller tasks. It made everything feel less overwhelming,” Kennedy said. “I think talking to friends and family or getting help from professors or even therapy is also a great way to cope during hard times.”

Granat said as an upperclassman she has had many struggles throughout college but she has gotten through them.

“One thing I struggled with was time management, especially as a freshman. There was just so much to do and experience on top of course work I wanted to do everything but didn’t know how to manage my time wisely. I would feel guilty if I hung out with friends instead of doing work or felt like I would miss out if I was stuck doing work all day. I learned to time manage my second semester as a sophomore, aka the semester we got sent home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I started planning my days by daily and weekly tasks so I knew what all I had to get done by when. Doing that helped me see how much time I should designate to schoolwork and other things,” Granat said. “As a first gen student I also struggled with not knowing what to do or if I was doing things right I always felt like I was steps behind everyone else because no one in my family had college experience. I eventually realized that I am capable and learned to reach out to campus resources and basically learned to live and be on my own.”

As a graduating senior, Kennedy said while her senior year has been hectic she is glad she got through it.

“Graduating right now all feels super weird cause everything has felt like a blur for the past year,” Kennedy said. “But I’m really grateful I was still able to finish college and get through it all!”


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